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Best  Rubber Mould Paver Design Block Manufacturers

Our rubber mould paver block design comes in different shapes and designs. We have square paver block design, zig zag paver block design, 3d paver block design, t series, i series and many more. You name it! We are the best rubber mould manufacturers because our rubber moulds are made from natural and finest quality rubber. The inner layer of our rubber moulds is non-stick & anti static and the outer layer is flexible, strong and resistant. The infinite lifespan and incomparable service is the trademark of our rubber moulds.

The durability of our rubber moulds is unmatchable and all our rubber moulds are 100% reusable, which makes them completely sustainable. We have a client base in pan India and 34 countries around the world. We have experience in establishing over 1500 paver units in India and 68 units across the globe. We provide end to end solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs to establish successful paver factories. The company was established in 1994 and over the past 29 years, we have become the pioneers in manufacturing of finest quality rubber products for over two decades. Customers trust us for our premium products and personalized solutions. Our rubber moulds are widely used in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Sri lanka, UAE, Oman, Vietnam, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi arabia, etc.Our rubber moulds give maximum finish to the tiles and paver blocks due to the mirror finish inside the moulds.

The elasticity and resilience of our rubber moulds transfers the vibration of the vibrating table efficiently to the compound. The rubber moulds give maximum strength and density to the paver blocks. The non-sticky inner layer guarantees easy demoulding of tiles and paver blocks and avoid constant cleaning of moulds. The chemical resistant inner layer is the unique feature of our rubber moulds that makes them incomparable with our competitors.

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square and rectangles rubber mould paver designs

Square & Rectangles

elegance rubber mould paver designs

Elegance Series

zig zag rubber mould paver designs

Zig Zag

t-series rubber mould paver designs

T – Series

square rubber mould design

Natural Stone

i-series rubber mould paver designs



dumbel rubber mould paver designs

Dumbel Series

combination series rubber mould paver designs

Combination Series

3D rubber mould paver designs

3D Series