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At JR rubber industries, we provide everything under one roof for our customers. Right from the moulds, chemicals, paver block machine,accessories everything is available here. We do the design, engineering, supply and installation of machineries.


Vibro Forming is the key concept of wet cast paving block products and precast production.Vibro Formed paving blocks have high surface finishing,high compressive strength when compared to manual and compressed pavers.A Well vibrated Precast concrete will increase the bonding capacity between concrete and reinforcements.Vibration in precast Concrete Provide a good sealed concrete surface reducing concrete permeability.



Rubber Mould

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Plastic Mould

Compound Wall



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Mini Paver Plant

paver block machine

Semi-Mechanised Paver Plant

compound wall machine

Compound Wall Machinery

  • We supply 3 kinds of paver plants.The mini paver plant,semi mechanized paver plant,fully automatic paver plan suitable for all kinds of factory setup.


Our mini paver plant consists of a Vibrating table for paving block making, a Pan mixer for color mixing and Concrete mixer machine for the second layer mixing. This setup has a production capacity of 3500 numbers paver/tiles per 8 hour shift.8 skilled labors are required. Other accessories like hydraulic pallet trolleys can be used for ease of material handling.


Semi mechanized or double line production plant consists of 4 vibrating tables,1 concrete mixer,1 color mixer,1 conveyor belt and material storage bin. This is the most popular production setup. It’s widely used among our clients in India, Africa and South East Asia. Production capacity is approximately 7000 numbers pavers/8 hour shift.


We have demoulding machines for rubber moulds and plastic moulding. Rubber moulds can be demoulded manually , a demoulding machine can be used for faster demoulding. For the Plastic mould demoulding a simple demoulding machine is developed. This ensures easy demoulding with zero damage for moulds and pavers.This increases the lifespan of moulds.


We are in association with machinery manufacturers and technical team in Nairobi,Kenya.This facilitates machine fabrication locally and technical assistance for production in East Africa.We have technical team at Niamey,Niger,Danang,Vietnam for technical support and training of production of paver and precast products.