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Best Paver block chemical suppliers in India
color oxides

We supply paver block chemical to our clients. Our products are superplastisizers and color oxides like blue oxide, red oxide, yellow oxide, black oxide, etc. The colour oxides give inbuilt colours to paving blocks. Its important to use UV stabilized iron oxides in paver production and you can find it here in JR rubber industries.

It is very important to use superplastisizer in the production of paver blocks because it enables early strength development of concrete mix which results in early demoulding time, powerful water reduction resulting in high density, high strength, reduced water permeability, increase workability of mix, improve shrinkage and creep behavior. When we use superplastisizer, it increases the strength of the concrete when the water to cement ratio decreases.
They can improve workability, speed finishing, increase strength, conserve cement and help reduce shrinkage and thermal cracking.
During the making of paver blocks, superplastisers are added to concrete mix and allowed to mix for atleast 60 seconds. We supply two types of superplasticizers, sulfonated melamine formaldehyde and polycarboxylate ethers.

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