Get The Best Plastic Moulds In Kenya

Paver mould in Kenya plays an essential part in city expansion projects. Used to construct paths, driveways and outdoor areas – the best paver moulds have designs to make construction projects look better than ever!

Moulds are essential in producing durable, visually appealing paving blocks that withstand the local climate. Available in Rubber, PVC and Plastic materials and various shapes like Zig-zags, I-shapes, Dumbbells, Cosmos Elegance 3D series, etc.

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering Plastic Paver Mould solutions suitable for outdoor landscapes in Somalia. Our Plastic Paver Moulds have been created to elevate outdoor landscapes with lasting elegance.

Plastic Paver Molds explicitly designed for use in the climate of Somalia are constructed to be heat resistant. We offer various styles and designs that help create and transform pathways, driveways, and patios into functional environments.

Path To Excellence…Our Happy Customers From Kenya.

Nairobi, Embu, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Nakuru, Mombasa and Eldoret have welcomed our premium paver moulds with open arms! Embark upon transformative projects within urban hubs and scenic regions; our moulds have become cornerstones of transformative projects, combining functionality and aesthetic elegance into transformative projects that bring life-transforming endeavours to fruition.

 Product Varieties

Plastic paver moulds come in various types, each designed for creating and beautifying outdoor spaces. We have provided below details of some of the kinds of Plastic Paver Moulds we can supply according to customer specifications. We can also custom design moulds according to individual customer requests.

Zig Zag Plastic Paver  Mould

Zig Zag Plastic Paver Mould designs make an excellent addition to many environments, from driveways and pathways to courtyards and backyards.Thanks to their adaptable nature, these moulds can serve as focal points or accent pieces in any outdoor space; their geometric patterns add visual interest while simultaneously creating an aesthetically appealing and engaging ambience.

I Shape Plastic Paver Mould

I-Shaped designs can easily fit into various environments, from residential driveways and commercial structures to creating stylish outdoor living areas. I Shape design exudes sophistication and modernity – ideal for stylish outdoor living areas.

Dumbel Plastic Paver Mould

Dumbel designs’ interlocking construction offers excellent stability, making them an innovative solution for high-traffic areas where durability is essential. Boasting its striking appearance, Dumbel’s paver block design adds aesthetic beauty that will surely turn heads whenever used outdoors.

Elegance Plastic Paver Mould

Elegance Plastic Paver Moulds are used to create attractive pavers in various shapes and designs to give a pleasing finish to any project. It is ideal for both residential and commercial landscapes alike.

Customer Testimonials


“JR Rubber Industries is aware of the needs for factory operation. plastic moulds have become an integral part of our success, contributing to smoother processes and higher-quality products.”



“Factory operations demand perfection, and JR Rubber Industries provides exactly that. Their plastic moulds have become an indispensable tool for ensuring precision in our production.”


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Why choose JR Rubber Industries?

JR Rubber Industries takes great pride in being a reliable provider of Plastic Paver Mould solutions in Nigeria. Here’s why you should choose us:

All our Plastic Paver moulds are created using premium raw materials to ensure maximum dimensional stability over time and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is one of the world’s premier producers and sellers of Rubber, Plastic and PVC Paver  moulds used for paver production, providing machinery, moulds, chemicals and technology, and in-plant training services – for complete paver solutions.

Your creativity can make for an eye-catching paver mould design, and we can tailor them according to specific areas or surfaces as customers request. With clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide and over 1500 paver units established within India (68 worldwide production lines), we offer block mould designs suitable for paver production lines of all kinds.


Installation support of Paver mould machines and supply of chemicals and colour oxides used in paver block production is also provided, along with assistance from our sales and support teams should you plan to establish your production firm. They’re always there when needed if anything needs help!

 How To Order

To order our Plastic Moulds In Kenya , you may visit our website, WhatsApp for a quick reply or click the Contact Us button below.


1. Can JR Rubber Industries train our factory staff to use and maintain plastic moulds adequately?

JR Rubber Industries offers training sessions and documentation to help factory staff understand the proper use and maintenance of their plastic moulds.

2. How can we ensure the plastic moulds align with our factory's quality standards?

We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout manufacturing, ensuring that every plastic mould meets or exceeds industry and factory-specific quality standards.

3. Can JR Rubber Industries provide custom-designed moulds to meet our factory's unique specifications?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating tailor-made plastic moulds to suit the specific needs and dimensions of your factory’s manufacturing processes.