Best Kerb Stone Mould In Uganda

Kerb stone moulds in Uganda are used extensively across various construction projects for shaping and creating attractive kerb stones.  These moulds represent key components used to add aesthetic value and functionality to roads, footpaths and other infrastructural elements in Uganda. They contribute significantly towards the overall development and visual appeal of construction projects.

Some of the types of Kerb stones in JR Rubber Industries  are C16 Kerb Stones,  C6 Kerb Stones, C17 Kerb Stones, C11 Kerb Stones, C7 Kerb Stones etc.

Product Overview

Kerb stones are typically comprised of limestone, granite and concrete.  These stones provide greater strength and provide long-lasting protection for pavements and the soil that is adjacent. They stop soil erosion as well as shielding the pavement from the damage caused by various weather conditions. Kerb stones are also helpful in directing the flow of water and channelizing it towards drainage systems. This reduces the chance of flooding and waterlogging. Additionally, Kerb stones are also used to create a stunning border around the pathway to make it appear more appealing.

JR Rubber Industries is a prominent producer of kerb stone moulds with various types of kerb stone that can meet your needs.

Product Varieties

C16 Curb Stone

“C16 Curb Stone” is an individual kerb stone that is constructed from a rubber mould paver block to be used for landscaping and construction. Kerb stones are solid, rectangular blocks along the edges of roads, streets, or walkways to mark the area’s boundaries and stop cars from entering pedestrian zones They are made of different materials, such as concrete or stone and come in specific sizes and designs that are adapted to meet the needs of the project. To ensure that they are in compliance with local regulations it is essential to talk with the local authorities or experts in the field to get advice on how to use C16 curb stone.

C6 Curb Stone

 “C6 curb stone” is a kerb stone that is small and employed in construction. It’s designed to border roads, streets, and sidewalks, keeping vehicles from invading pedestrian zones. Constructed from stone or concrete, The exact size and shape can be altered according to the local laws and requirements of the project. Expert consultation ensures proper use.

C17 Curb Stone

C17 Curb Stone”  is a distinctive kerb stone used for landscaping and construction purposes, specifically along roads, streets and sidewalks to ensure clear lines while stopping cars from entering pedestrian areas. The dimensions and style of this kerbstone meet local laws and specifications for your project; professional guidance may be necessary for its correct installation.

C11 Curb Stone

“C11 Curb Stone” is used in construction to mark the boundaries of roads, sidewalks and streets according to local standards and specifications. Their exact dimensions and style vary based on location. Constructed most commonly from materials like stone or concrete, C11 Curb Stone  play an integral part in providing traffic separation and pedestrian security – make sure you consult a professional before installing one yourself for the best results.

C7 Curb Stone

C7 Curb Stones are widely used in construction to mark the borders of roads, streets, and sidewalks. Crafted out of C7 Curb Stone, these barriers are used as barriers that prevent traffic from entering pedestrian zones – often made out of stones or concrete depending on local regulations and specifications governing urban projects ensuring safe environments and well-organized environments. It’s vital that expert consultation is consulted prior to correct installation of C7 Kerb Stones.



  • Separation and edge: Kerb stones can be used to mark the edges of a road or pavement and separate it from adjacent walkways, landscaping areas and drainage networks.
  • Protecting and Retaining: Kerb stones serve to hold pavement together and guard it against cracking or erosion by acting as a protective barrier between elements like water and other hazards, creating an impenetrable shield.
  • Drainage: Kerb stones play an integral part in drainage, helping direct excess water away from pavement while decreasing flooding risks. 
  • Aesthetic Enhancement of your Home or Area: Multiple designs and materials are available to add aesthetic charm to any property or area.
  • Safety: Kerb stones provide an essential physical barrier between pedestrians and the road, helping ensure pedestrians’ safety as well as protecting drivers from accidents.
  • Urban Development: Stones play an integral part of urbanization today and play an essential role in terms of security, appearance, durability etc.
  • Landscapes: Kerb stones can help enhance any home’s landscaping by creating delineated borders, retaining walls and other decorative or functional features that add character and dimension.


Why Choose JR Rubber Industries?

JR Company takes pride in being a trusted provider of  Kerb Stone solutions in Uganda. 

All our plastic paver moulds are made with virgin raw materials to ensure high dimensional stability, durability, and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is the world’s leading producer and seller of rubber, plastic, and PVC paver moulds for production, offering machinery, moulds, chemicals, technology, and in-plant training for complete paver solutions.

You will find various designs of paver moulds to add beauty, and we can tailor our designs according to specific areas or surfaces as per customer request. With clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide, and experience in establishing over 1500 paver units within India alone and another 68 paver production lines worldwide. We have the perfect solution for your paver production.

Installation support of Paver mould machines and the supply of chemicals and colour oxides used for paver block manufacturing are provided. If you plan to start your production firm, our sales and support teams can ensure success – they are available whenever needed to assist!

Choosing a design that complements the overall look and feel of the surrounding environment is important. Kerb stones are also required to fulfil their primary purpose in defining space, preventing traffic from invading pedestrian areas, and efficiently regulating stormwater runoff.

The Selection of materials like granite, concrete or natural stone will have an enormous effect on its long-term durability and maintenance needs. Furthermore, size and height considerations must be given due to how these affect safety and accessibility.

With clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide, and an experience in establishing over 1500 paver units within India alone and another 68 paver production lines worldwide. we have the perfect solution for your paver production.

Installation support of Paver mould machines is provided, along with supply of chemicals and color oxides used for paver block manufacturing. If you plan to start your own production firm, our sales and support teams can ensure success – they are available whenever needed to assist!

Customer Testimonials


“The Kerb Stone I got is really good quality. It made our garden in Fort Portal look nice. It’s easy to use and looks great!”

Nancy T.

Fort Portal, Uganda


“I’m so happy with my Kerb Stone Mould. It’s great for our pathway project in Mbale. It’s strong and makes nice designs. It’s really good!”

Amina L.


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How To Order

To order our Kerb stone mould in Uganda you may visit our website or whatsapp  click the contact us button below.


1. Can I expect a variety of design options with JR Rubber Industries' moulds?

Yes, versatility is a hallmark of our products. JR Rubber Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds provide a wide range of design options, allowing you to create unique patterns and styles for your kerbs.

2. Are JR Rubber Industries' Kerb Stone Moulds suitable for commercial projects?

 Absolutely! Many contractors and landscapers choose JR Rubber Industries’ moulds for commercial projects due to their robust construction and professional results.

3. Do you provide customisation options for Kerb Stone Moulds at JR Rubber Industries?

Yes, we understand that projects vary. JR Rubber Industries offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your Kerb Stone Moulds to specific design requirements.