Chequered Tiles Rate

If you want to give an appealing geometric style to your home, checkered tiles are the ones that you must choose. chequered tiles rate  Based on a material called durable ceramic material, these tiles are strong and durable. They are ideal for indoor use. these tiles can be utilized to create an impressive design for your wall. They are available in three sizes: 300x600mm, 300x450mm, and 250x375mm These tiles are suitable for use in areas large and small. chequered tiles rate The cost of these tiles is between Rs.   for a square. feet, and Rs.  for each sq. foot. The tiles come in two finishes: super glossy and glossy and bring shine to any room they are placed in. HWG Wooden Mosaic LT, HWG Wooden Mosaic, SHM Cementum Cube 3D HL, as well as SHG Triangle Beige, chequered tiles rate, is the name of four tiles that are currently available from JR rubber industries and  JR Rubber Industries is a prominent manufacturer of top products of the highest quality. Rubber molds that are suitable for the precast of compound walls, pavers floor tiles wall tiles, curb stone blocks, cover block steps, and other custom-designed molds PVC molds for pavers, plastic moulds for pavers.


Rubber Mould

PVC Mould

Plastic Mould

Compound Wall 



chequered tiles rate

HWG wooden mosaic

chequered tiles rate

SHG Triangle Beige HL

chequered tiles rate

HWG wooden mosaic LT

chequered tiles rate

SHM cementum cube 3DHL

Chequered Tile

JR rubber industries’ chequered tiles can give your space a unique touch. Made using the most latest technology, these wall tiles are strong and sturdy and floor tiles are also available. They have low porosity and these tiles can absorb less water and can protect against damage caused by water. They are also easy to clean, and usually washing them or cleaning them with a damp cloth will bring back their sparkle. Tiles can be used to create stunning wall designs or as accent walls in various areas, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies.

The checkered pattern of these tiles gives an impressive geometric appearance and will add a visual dimension to your space. The diverse patterns of the background will improve the appearance of the space. 

The shiny and super glossy surface of these tiles gives the user a smooth surface that doesn’t attract dirt and grime. It is easy to clean, but it also reflects maximum light, brightening even the darkest of rooms. Install these tiles in the bathroom of your small space and feel the improvement! The added lighting can make the room appear larger than it is and we are providing curb stone

Chequered Tiles Price


Tile type minimum prize maximum prize
Chequered Tiles Rs.  per sq. feet Rs.  per sq. feet

Popular Chequered Tiles Price List

Popular chequered tiles Price range
HWG wooden mosaic  RS –   per sq .feet
HWG wooden mosaic LT RS –   per sq .feet
SHG triangle beige HL RS –   per sq. feet
SHM cementum cube 3DHL RS –   per sq. feet

Chequered Tiles Size

Chequered tiles size Size in mm
Regular tiles



Small tiles 250x375mm


Chequered Tile Colours


  •     Beige Chequered Tiles
  •     Black Chequered Tiles
  •     Blue Chequered Tiles
  •     Brown Chequered Tiles
  •     Green Chequered Tiles
  •     Grey Chequered Tiles
  •     Wenge Chequered Tiles
  •     White Chequered Tiles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the various sizes of tiles available in chequered tiles?

Available in 3 different sizes 

  • 300x600mm
  • 300x450mm
  • 250x375mm
Q. What are the features of chequered tiles?
  • Utilizing a material called ceramic that is strong, these tiles are durable and last for a long time.
  •  With a simple-to-clean surface, you don’t need to waste hours cleaning dirt off the tile’s surface. A mop or a little soapy water is enough.
  • The tiles are porous and are able to absorb water with minimal effort – shielding your walls from damage caused by water.
  • In contrast to other types of tiles, these don’t require frequent maintenance, like sealing.
Q. What exactly are the types of finishes used to make checkered tiles?

 The chequered tiles available at JR rubber industry come in two finishes – glossy finish and super glossy finish.  They have sparkling surfaces that are able to reflect sunlight (super glossy over glossy) and are able to brighten even the darkest of rooms. They are also simple to clean thanks to its smooth 

and smooth surfaces.

Q. What type of chequered tiles are available at JR rubber industries

JR rubber industries Tiles offers a wide range of tiles with chequered patterns to you for consideration.