Best Paver Block Mould Design for Transforming  Outdoor Spaces in 2023

By  JR Rubber Industries |  Date  :  06-July-2023

Pave block mould design
paver block mould design
paver block mould design

Paver block mold designs are specially designed and used in the construction industry to create individual paver blocks, which are small precast concrete used for paving surfaces in outdoor spaces. These molds are of various shapes, sizes, and patterns to produce paver blocks.

Plastic paver moulds have revolutionized how we approach outdoor construction and landscaping projects. These innovative molds, made from durability, have become essential in creating stunning and sustainable pathways, driveways, and patios. By combining the flexibility of plastic with the precision of molded designs, plastic paver moulds offer unmatched versatility and ease of use. The significance of plastic paver mold block design in landscape design and construction projects is multi-fold.

paver block mould design
paver block mould design

Several paver molds are available in the market, each designed for specific purposes and manufacturing processes. Some common types of plastic paver molds are single mold cavities, where this mold produces one paver block at a time.

Another one is multi-cavity molds which have multiple cavities within a single mold. They can produce multiple paver blocks simultaneously, increasing production efficiency and reducing cycle time. Similarly, there are Interlocking mold and paver tile mold. The choice of mold type will depend on your production requirements, design preferences, and the specific applications for the paver blocks you intend to produce.


Paver block mold design allows for the creation of visually appealing paved surfaces. They offer various design options, including patterns, textures, and colors, enabling architects and designers to achieve desired aesthetics that complement the overall landscape design. There are numerous options available in Paver Block Mould Design-some popular design ideas for block paving are
Natural Stone Texture: Create molds that mimic the texture and appearance of natural stones such as granite, slate, or limestone. This paver block mold design gives your paved areas an elegant and sophisticated look.

Brick Texture: Create molds that emulate the texture and appearance of traditional brickwork. This paver block mold design provides a classic and timeless look to paved surfaces.

Cobblestone Texture: Capture the charm of old-world streets with cobblestone texture molds. These molds replicate cobblestones’ irregular shapes and textures, adding a rustic touch to your outdoor space.

Interlocking Patterns: Design molds that produce paver blocks with interlocking features allow for secure and seamless connections between the blocks, providing stability and strength to the paved surface.

Geometric Patterns: Experiment with geometric patterns like circles, squares, hexagons, or diamonds. These molds can create unique and visually exciting designs that stand out.

Decorative Border Designs: Design molds for creating decorative borders or edges for your paver blocks. These paver block mold designs can feature intricate patterns, motifs, or relief designs to add a touch of visual interest to the edges of the paved surface.

Custom Logo or Artwork: If you have a specific logo or artwork that you want to incorporate into your paver blocks, consider designing custom molds that allow you to personalize your outdoor space and create a unique statement.

Paver block mold design offers various designs according to their material and size, enabling architects, designers, or plastic paver block mold designs and manufacturers to achieve the desired look that accomplishes the creative design.


Paver block mold sizes can vary depending on project requirements and design preferences.
Standard Size: The most common size for paver block molds is around 200 mm (7.87 inches) in length, 100 mm (3.94 inches) in width, and 60 mm (2.36 inches) in thickness. These dimensions create a standard-sized paver block widely used in various applications.

Large Format: For larger paved areas or when a more expansive look is desired, larger-sized paver block molds can be used. These molds can produce paver blocks that are around 300 mm (11.81 inches) in length, 150 mm (5.91 inches) in width, and 80 mm (3.15 inches) in thickness.

Small Format: Sometimes, smaller-sized paver block molds may be preferred, especially for intricate designs or smaller areas. These molds can produce paver blocks that are approximately 150 mm (5.91 inches) in length, 75 mm (2.95 inches) in width, and 50 mm (1.97 inches) in thickness.

Custom Sizes: Depending on the project requirements, custom-sized paver block molds can be manufactured. It allows for flexibility in creating paver blocks of unique dimensions that align with the design vision or space constraints.
It’s important to note that these dimensions are approximate and can vary based on regional standards and materials of molds.


One of the significant advantages of plastic paver block molds is the ability to customize the plastic paver blocks.
Shape and Size: Plastic paver molds can be designed to create paver blocks of various shapes and sizes. Plastic molds can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether you want plastic squares, rectangular, round, hexagonal, or any other shape. It allows for flexibility in design and the ability to create unique patterns or arrangements.
Surface Texture and Design: Plastic paver mold design can incorporate different surface textures. You can choose from many options: smooth surfaces, textured patterns, imprints resembling natural materials like stone or brick, or custom logos or designs. This customization enables you to achieve your paver blocks’ desired aesthetic appeal and visual effects.
Color Selection: Plastic paver block molds offer the advantage of color customization. You can select from various color oxides of paver blocks to match your desired design or to complement the surrounding environment. It allows for creative expression and the ability to create visually appealing and attractive paver blocks.
Interlocking Capability: Plastic paver block mold design can create interlocking paver blocks. Interlocking pavers have unique features that allow them to fit together securely, creating a stable surface. The design of the mold can incorporate the necessary interlocking mechanisms to achieve this functionality, providing additional customization options for your paver blocks.
Personalization and Branding: Plastic paver molds can be customized to include personalized elements or branding. You can incorporate logos, company names, or specific patterns into the mold design, creating unique paver blocks that align with your brand identity or customer preferences. This customization option can be especially beneficial for commercial or promotional purposes.
Variation in Thickness: Plastic paver molds can be designed to accommodate varying thicknesses of paver blocks. Depending on the application and load requirements, you can customize the pavers’ thickness to ensure they meet specific durability and performance standards.
Textured Edges and Borders: Plastic paver molds can include customized textured edges or borders. It allows for creating defined boundaries or transition zones between different areas, enhancing the paver block installation’s overall appearance and aesthetic appeal.


Paver molds have a wide range of applications and can be used in various projects for both residential and commercial purposes. Paver block mold designs are often used to create beautiful and durable paver blocks for pathways and walkways in gardens, backyard, parks, or public spaces. They provide a solid surface for walking while adding aesthetic appeal to the landscape. They are frequently employed to construct patios and outdoor living areas. Using different mold designs and colors, you can create unique patterns and designs to enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

Paver block mold design can create decorative borders and edging for gardens, flower beds, or pathways. They help define and separate different areas in the landscape while adding a polished and finished look. These molds are extensively used in commercial landscaping projects, such as public parks, plazas, shopping centers, and office complexes. They provide an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution for outdoor hardscapes. Another application is to create stepping stones in gardens, backyard pathways, or along water features. Stepping stones made from paver molds provide a practical and attractive way to navigate outdoor spaces.

Plastic paver molds offer opportunities for innovative techniques and solutions in the manufacturing and use of paver blocks.

Modular and Interchangeable Molds: Plastic paver block molds can be designed in a modular format, allowing for easy interchangeability of mold components. It enables quick adjustments to the paver blocks’ shape, size, or texture. By simply swapping out specific modules within the mold, manufacturers can create various paver block designs without needing separate molds for each variation.

paver block mould design


• High-Quality Moulds
• Wide Range of Designs, You have various options, including shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns.
• The molds are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions, including heavy foot traffic, extreme weather, and UV exposure.
• The versatility allows you to customize your outdoor space according to your preferences and design vision.


Overall, paver block molds are crucial in landscape design and construction projects by offering versatility, durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainable solutions for outdoor paving needs. The design of paver block molds is crucial for achieving high-quality interlocking concrete blocks. By considering factors such as material selection, interlocking system, release agents, durability and customization options, manufacturers can produce molds that meet the specific requirements of construction projects and create attractive and long-lasting paved surfaces.

JR Rubber Moulds Industries is a renowned company that manufactures high-quality rubber molds, PVC molds and plastic molds for various applications, including paver block mold designs. JR Rubber Moulds Industry offers a diverse collection of paver block mold designs to help you transform your outdoor spaces.


1) What are paver block moulds?

Paver block molds are specialized tools or molds used to create concrete or stone-like blocks with various shapes, patterns, and textures for outdoor applications such as walkways, driveways, patios, and landscaping.

2) Are paver block moulds durable and long-lasting?

Yes, paver block molds are designed to be durable and long-lasting. When properly installed and maintained, paver blocks created using these molds can withstand heavy loads, resist cracking, and retain their appearance for many years.

3) What factors should be considered when designing a paver block mold ?

Several factors should be considered when designing a paver block mould. These include the desired shape and size of the paver blocks, the type of material to be used, the expected load-bearing capacity, the surface texture and pattern, and any requirements or standards that must be met.

4) Can paver block mould designs be customized for specific project requirements?

Paver block mould designs can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Manufacturers can create moulds tailored to different shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures based on the specific needs of a project. Customization allows for producing unique paver blocks that align with the desired design and functionality.

5) What are the benefits of using paver block mould in paver production?

Paver blocks made with JR Rubber moulds , PVC moulds have high level of finishing than paver produced with hydraulic compressed machines. These kind of wet cast pavers blocks can make any space into luxury spaces.