By  JR Rubber Industries |  Date  :  04-April-2023

interlocking paver blocks designs

Interlocking paver blocks designs

Paver blocks are increasingly sought-after in construction and landscaping due to their adaptability and aesthetic attraction. Of the many types of interlocking paver blocks, paver blocks are popular due to their distinctive designs and the many benefits. Interlocking paver block provide the most diverse designs, allowing users to design visually striking designs and layouts. Interlocking paver blocks are well known for their superior endurance, which is ideal for busy areas. The interlocking characteristic makes these blocks an extraordinarily stable and safe surface that reduces the possibility of injuries such as falling or sliding. So here, JR is introducing the best five interlocking paver blocks designs.

Natural stone

Natural stone is laid on the lawn, in gardens and in-car porches. The natural stone paving looks traditional and luxurious for landscaping or the roads. Natural stone can quickly transform the area into a classy one. PVC, Rubber and plastic paver moulds are available for manufacturing natural stones.


T-Series stone is used primarily to build porches and patios. It is also used for roads. It adds a classy design to our houses as well as pathways. They are designed to control traction and reduce the chance of injuries that occur on roads. T-Series stones look stunning and enjoyable to take a look at. PVC, Rubber and plastic moulds are available for manufacturing T-Series stones.

Elegance Series

The Elegance series of stones is mainly utilized to construct patios and porches. The stone is also utilized for roads. It provides a chic design for our homes, as well as our paths. The elegance stones are made to manage traction and lessen the possibility of accidents that happen on roads. Elegance series stones appear beautiful and fun to take in. PVC, rubber and plastic moulds are available for manufacturing elegance series stones.

Dumbel series

The dumbel stone series can be used to create patios, gardens, porches, and roads. They provide the most stability and protection. They also help minimize the risk of accidents happening when it is wet. Dumbel series stones provide a high-end and elegant appearance to our surface, making your eyes feel more relaxed. PVC, rubber mould and plastic moulds are available for manufacturing dumbel series.

Hexagon Series

The hexagon series of stones is mainly used for paving gardens, patios, and porches. These stones give an attractive structure to our place. PVC, rubber and plastic paver moulds are available for manufacturing the hexagon series.

Interlocking paver blocks can be an aesthetic and flexible choice for various outdoor uses. Their long-lasting durability, style adaptability, and ease of cleaning make their blocks a popular option for architects, homeowners and landscape designers too.


What are the advantages of the JR PVC interlock paver mould?

Interlock pvc mould paver blocks offer several benefits. They are flexible and easy demoulding. The flexibility of PVC interlock paver mould helps to make different designs. The pavers are smooth and shiny.

Are pavers hard to maintain?

Paver patios that are correctly constructed need very little care. Once a year, we recommend cleaning the deck with a mild, plant-safe detergent to remove dirt, debris, and build-up. Although not required, this keeps your patio looking like new.

What are the benefits of pavers?
  • High durability
  • Versatility
  • Easy to repair and installation
  • A low maintenance charge is required
  • It provides a premium look for our surface
Are interlocking paver blocks easy to install?

Yes, Interlocking paver blocks are elementary to install on the site and cost-effective. Interlocking paver blocks are beautiful and make the surroundings clean and neat.