By  JR Rubber Industries |  Date  :  07-July-2023

interlocking brick mould ideas

Interlocking bricks are the best option or choice for the car porches, pool decks, driveways, footpaths etc. There are different types of modern interlocking brick moulds available in the market for manufacturing modern interlocking bricks. In this blog post we are introducing the best 5 modern interlocking brick moulds and their bricks that can easily install and maintain on your surface. JR rubber industries mainly manufactured moulds in 3 kinds of material rubber, plastic & pvc. These moulds are high quality and high durability because the raw materials used in rubber moulds are natural rubber raw material which is collected from our own state Kerala, India. The plastic which is used for the plastic mould, we use high quality virgin plastic and in PVC paver moulds we only use high quality pvc raw materials. This gives high quality and high durability to our moulds.

What is Interlocking Brick Mould?

The interlocking brick mould looks like two connected pieces of a puzzle. Each block is an end projection and a depression on the other. The projector of the block will fit in the depressions of the next , so that they are always in perfect alignment.This provides perfect and customisable designs to the surface which makes eye catching and attractive to your surface. The structure of the block is dependent on the supply and utilisation of the materials.

Best Modern Interlocking Brick Mould Ideas

1) Zigzag interlocking brick mould design

The Zigzag style is an incredibly popular and appealing interlocking brick mould that is very popular in the market for interlocking brick moulds. Zigzag moulds offer many benefits. When zigzag-style pavers are laid in our driveways, patios, or other areas, they create an interlocking pattern. It also draws attention and a focus on the surface. The blocks for paving made of JR rubber industries offer high quality and durability. The design provides pleasant walkability and stability for those walking in extreme rain conditions. PVC, rubber, and plastic Brick moulds that zigzag are readily available in the JR rubber industry. The moulds produced in JR industries are high quality because they are made using only top-quality raw components. To make rubber moulds, we use only top high-quality rubber raw materials from our state of Kerala, India. We also use high-quality PVC raw materials and high-grade virgin plastic raw materials to make moulds made of plastic or PVC and moulds for PVC.

2) I-Shape interlocking brick mould design

The I-Shape design is mostly utilized in the driveways to gain greater stability in the road to allow drivers to travel securely. They add elegance to walkways and homes. They help to manage traction and lower the possibility of injuries that occur on roads. I-shaped stones are beautiful and pleasant to see. With the JR molds for producing I-shaped paving stones, they can effortlessly demolish the bricks. The mold made by JR is of high standard since we utilize only high-quality raw materials made of rubber that are taken from our home state of Kerala, India. Also, we use high-grade PVC raw materials and the first premium natural plastic raw materials employed to create plastic and PVC molds, respectively.

3) Elegance series interlocking brick mould design

The Elegance series is one of the most popular designs. The patterns are often employed in pathways, patios, and car garages. This makes the surroundings appear better and give an impression of luxury. You can effortlessly demolish the bricks when using JR moulds to make the Elegance series of paver stones. The mould produced by JR is high grade since we only use high-quality rubber raw materials, which are taken from our home state of Kerala, India. Also, we use high-standard PVC raw materials and top premium pure plastic raw materials to make moulds made of plastic and PVC moulds.

4) Planet Cobble interlocking brick mould design

The planet cobble is an assortment consisting of eight stones which, when combined, make the perfect cobble with an elongated design. It can be laid out with eight stones in a set or in a mix of three or two stones for endless options for design with different colours. The user can easily remove the bricks using JR moulds to create the Planet cobble collection of paver stones. The mould made by JR is high quality as we use only the highest-quality raw rubber, and these materials are obtained from our home State, which is located in Kerala, India. Additionally, we employ high-quality PVC raw materials and top high-quality 100% pure plastic raw materials to create moulds out of plastic paver mould and PVC paver moulds.

5) 3D Series interlocking brick mould design

3D series stones are laid in the pathways, parks, or car porches. Using 3D series stones, we can quickly transform the appearance of our dwellings into extravagant ones. By paving the rocks, we can make a 3D image of the surfaces. Users can effortlessly get rid of the bricks by using JR moulds and creating a 3D model from paver stone. The mould created by JR is high in quality since we utilise only top-quality raw rubber, and these raw materials are made in our home state of Kerala, which is situated in Kerala, India. We also use high-quality PVC raw materials and top premium 100 purified plastic materials for creating moulds out of plastic paver moulds and PVC paver moulds.

Advantages of JR Interlocking Brick Mould

  • High dimension stability
  • Long life span
  • De-molding is easy due to the non-sticky Coating on the Moulds
  • The smooth and shining surface is ideal for the Tiles and Paver Blocks
  • All intrinsically recognizable patterns are transferred into Stones because of the unique characteristic of molds
  • Vibration from vibrator machines can be effectively transferred to a concrete mix, providing the paver with the best power
  • High durability


Interlock mould bricks are an upcoming design and enhancement in wall construction since the bricks are locked together without the use of cement mortar. They also provide solid structure in shorter periods of time and cost effective. Even though cement costs are increasing day-by-day, the bricks are suitable for homeowners and professionals in construction. It is therefore suggested that using these kinds of bricks is a great alternative and people investing in the industry can earn profits if they decide to do so.While they are a little more, they are able to provide superior resistance to rain and greater protection from weather.