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Concrete pavers are versatile construction materials used in landscaping, hardscaping, and architectural projects. Available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, they are durable and resilient, withstand heavy loads and weather fluctuations. Their interlocking design allows for easy installation and flexibility. Concrete pavers are popular among homeowners, landscapers, architects, and contractors for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and ability to blend style with functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and backed by decades of expertise, the concrete pavers from JR Rubber Industries epitomize excellence. These pavers are meticulously designed to adorn pathways, driveways, landscapes, and various architectural projects with unmatched durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

What are Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are solid, independent components of a mixture of concrete, aggregates and water. Their interlocking design gives the most robust surface for driveways, walkways and patios. They are recognized for their elasticity and strength. Concrete pavers offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and dimensions that provide toughness and attractiveness. They are an extremely sought-after choice in landscaping. They are helpful and appealing options for outdoor spaces.

Types of Concrete Paver Moulds

1. Plastic Paver Moulds.

Plastic Paver moulds are versatile tools in construction, crafted from durable and flexible plastics. . The plastic moulds are generally rigid polymers and are provided in multiple dimensions and shapes. They permit the creation of pavers specially designed for use in landscaping. They are lightweight to make them easy to install, simplifying the entire building process.. Moulds are the most effective way of making durable and innovative concrete paver installations for driveways, walkways, or other outdoor areas. Some of the designs are natural stone in plastic, Zig Zag mould for pavers, Dumbels concrete paving blocks etc

2. PVC Paver Mould

PVC paver moulds made with durable polyvinyl chloride offer an affordable but effective tool to create beautiful and consistent concrete pavers. Their lightweight design allows them to be used for your  landscaping and professional projects. The flexibility of PVC moulds permits the freedom to be creative in design. It provides an efficient and reliable solution to achieve consistently stunning outcomes in diverse outdoor and pavement projects.


3. Rubber Paver Moulds

Rubber mould paver are vital tools in creating pavers made from concrete. They are made of durable rubber and offer versatility in their construction, durability, and convenience. Their flexibility permits the creation of intricate designs and ensures accuracy in the final pavers. rubber paver moulds are the most reliable way to make attractive and long-lasting concrete pavers.Some of our designs are Wall tile,cover block rubber moulds, and kerb stone rubber moulds



1. Concrete Grass Pavers

concrete pavers

Concrete grass pavers are a practical option for combining natural green areas with hardscape designs. These pavers are designed with open grids that allow grass or other vegetation to grow while preserving the natural look of a lawn and providing a long-lasting surface for vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Concrete grass pavers improve soil stability, help reduce erosion, and aid in stormwater management. They can be used for many applications, including driveways, parking lots and paths.Some of our products are Mega grass paver checks rubber moulds,Mega Grass Paver Glossy and Mega Grass Paver Matte etc

2. Mega grass paver checks rubber moulds

concrete pavers

Mega Grass Paver Checks rubber Moulds offer an efficient and attractive solution for making sturdy and sustainable grass pavers. The moulds allow the creation of patterns of designs, providing a striking and beautiful touch to driveways, pathways and green areas.


3. Mega Grass Paver Glossy 

Mega Grass Paver Glossy rubber moulds is a grass paver with a gloss finish that provides practical and aesthetic advantages for outdoor areas. The shiny surface does not just enhance the appearance of the green regions and pathways but protects them by making them more resistant to environmental elements and wear. With its unique blend of design and strength, Mega Grass Paver Glossy offers an elegant alternative for your landscaping.


4.  Mega Grass Paver Matte

Mega Grass Paver Matte rubber mould offers a modern and subdued look for landscaping projects. It provides an adaptable and durable alternative for pavers of grass. The matte finish not only gives a stylish and subtle appearance but will also improve the durability of pavers in the face of the elements and daily wear. With its combination of practicality and style, Mega Grass Paver Matte is the ideal option for those who want an elegant and durable option for outdoor areas.


5. PVC paver moulds 3D series


3D series pvc paver moulds

3D Series PVC Paver Moulds provide a look for concrete paver projects with intricate and captivating designs. Through their 3D-like patterns, these moulds add the most sophistication and depth to walkways, driveways and outdoor areas. They are ideal for people who want an artistic touch. The 3D Series PVC Paver Moulds offer a unique and long-lasting option for creating unique and attractive concrete pavers.


6. Cover block rubber moulds

Rubber cover block moulds are an essential component which gives concrete constructions lasting toughness and durability. When it comes to construction, it is a vital element that gives concrete constructions strength and durability. To ensure the precise distance between reinforcing bars and the formwork and provide the reinforcement with the needed cover, small concrete blocks are called “cover block moulds.” The cover block rubber moulds help protect the formwork from corrosion reinforcement and the tensile strength and endurance in cement construction.


7. Hexagon pvc paver moulds

The hexagonal shape of PVC paver moulds is an original and attractive geometric style option for concrete projects. The hexagonal shape provides a beautiful and contemporary look to walkways, driveways and patios. The PVC moulds offer convenience and durability, which allows the creation of visually appealing hexagonal pavers using precision and elegance.

8. Natural Stone

The synthetic alternatives offer many advantages, including the ability to be affordable, lightweight and easy installation. They are frequently utilized in landscaping, construction, and design projects to attain the look and feel of natural stone without the expense and weight.

9. Zig Zag plastic paver Mould

 Zig Zag Plastic Paver Mould is a highly versatile tool that can create unique and attractive patterns in concrete pavement. Its unique design permits the creation of pathways that add a lively and modern look to outdoor areas. It is easy to use and has robust construction. Zig Zag Plastic Paver Mould is ideal for boosting their landscaping plans.

10. Dumbels

Concrete dumbels made of PVC offer an affordable and lightweight option. Various designs and colors provide a customizable and comfortable alternative to strengthen. Although they aren’t as durable as traditional metal ones, concrete dumbbells made of plastic are perfect for people looking for the best value and flexibility.


  • Durability: Concrete pavers are famous for their extraordinary toughness, which can withstand the most challenging environmental conditions and heavy use. The strength of concrete provides long-lasting outdoor surfaces, making it an excellent choice for walkways, driveways, and patios. The capacity to stand up to the wear and tear of time enhances the longevity and value of the project.

  • Multi-faceted Design Options: Pavers made of concrete offer various design options that allow landscapers and homeowners to design distinctive and appealing outdoor areas. With multiple sizes, shapes, and colors available, pavers can be personalized and innovative installations that enhance the appeal of any landscaping or hardscape design.

  •  Easy Installation: Designed to be simple, concrete pavers are easy-to-install procedures, which often include interlocking systems. It makes them ideal for professional installations and achievable DIY projects. Installation ease can reduce time. They are contributing to the advantages of selecting concrete pavers.

  • The low maintenance aspect: Concrete pavers require minimal maintenance after installation. Their resistance to staining and simple cleaning procedure makes them a simple surface for outdoor use. Their low maintenance requirements add to the attractiveness of concrete pavers. It allows homeowners to take advantage of their outdoor areas without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.

  • Permeable Design for Improved Drainage: Pavers made of concrete can be constructed with a porous design that allows water to penetrate the surface, reducing the chance of runoff. Permeable designs are ideal for controlling stormwater, preventing erosion, and encouraging healthier soil. Permeable concrete pavers contribute towards sustainable water management, making them a sustainable outdoor landscaping choice. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in areas where runoff and water conservation control are top priorities, increasing the environmental impact of landscaping choices.

    Why Choose JR?

    JR Rubber Industries emerges as the top choice for top-quality concrete pavers. Their experience, creativity, commitment to high-quality products, customized options, and global recognition make them an exceptional business in the field. JR Rubber Industries ensures that your concrete paver requirements are fulfilled with the utmost precision, durability, and a little style that will make your outdoor spaces extraordinary.


    In conclusion, selecting concrete for outdoor work is an investment that offers durability, design flexibility, ease of installation, and Low maintenance. These factors make concrete pavers a durable and attractive choice, ensuring that the spaces around your home will stand their time and create a pleasing and helpful environment for the years to come. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for durability and innovation in design, simplicity of installation, minimal maintenance, or sustainability; concrete pavers are a versatile option that can meet a broad range of landscaping requirements.

    The concrete pavers from JR Rubber Industries stand as a testament to innovation, reliability, and aesthetic brilliance, redefining landscapes, and leaving an indelible mark of craftsmanship and quality in every project they grace.


    Why should you choose concrete pavers over other options?

     Concrete pavers offer an attractive option for outdoor projects because of their unique combination of quality, durability, design flexibility, ease of installation, maintenance, and enduring aesthetics. In contrast to other materials, concrete pavers can endure various weather conditions and a lot of use, offering an extremely durable and attractive alternative for driveways, walkways, and patios.

    How can concrete pavers enhance Design Options?

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    Are Concrete Pavers simple to install? Are they easy to install?

     Concrete pavers are famous for their easy installation. Thanks to their interlocking design and user-friendly features, they appeal to DIY lovers and professionals who install them. Simple installation not only saves time but also lowers the cost of labor and makes concrete pavers an affordable option for many outdoor projects.

    What kind of maintenance is required for Concrete Pavers? What care is needed for concrete pavers?

    Concrete pavers are easy to maintain, making them an appealing option for outdoor areas. They are resistant to wear and staining, and maintenance is generally straightforward. Although individual requirements for care may differ based on the situation’s specifics, like climate and use, overall maintenance is relatively low compared to other outdoor paving materials. Cleaning and, if necessary, sealing are routine maintenance methods to ensure concrete pavers look the best they can over time.