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JR Rubbers are the one of the best rubber mould manufacturers in Kerala. We started manufacturing and providing Rubber molds manufacturers in  India. We create relationships and provide high-quality. To be recognized as a world-class producer of Intermediates for the manufacturing rubber products.

Molds made of rubber with a thickness of 80mm for heavy-duty use Zigzag rubber moulds, Unipaver rubber moulds are available… The company we work with is among the top manufacturer and exporter of Rubber paver moulds, precast compound wall rubber moulds, Rubber moulds for floor tiles, kerb stones, cover blocks, wall tiles

Molds made of metal are used to mold rubber into various shapes. They can also be referred to as rubber vulcanization molds, injection molding and rubber stampers. The process of molding rubber is one which transforms raw and synthetic rubbers to items with the exact geometrical shape. The JR rubber mould paver block manufacturer can create any mold made from rubber to meet your production requirements!

Rubber Mould

PVC Mould

Plastic Mould

Compound Wall



rubber mould manufacturers in Kerala


Floor Tiles


Grass Paver

Each one of these types of molding have distinct advantages. It is essential to choose the correct mixture and procedure to get the desired outcome and guarantee the highest quality of performance and value for money.

The Rubber Molding Machine is utilized to mold high-capacity rubber. It is able to mold material into its desired form and shape. It’s a kind of hydraulic press that can be heated through electricity. The RubberMolding Machine is carefully developed by our skilled technocrats.

The speciality of rubber inner layer is non-stick & anti static inner layer  and acid & alkaline resistant.The outer layers are flexible and strong. We produce a range of rubber mould manufacturers in kerala for pavers. We also manufacture rubber moulds for floor tiles, wall tiles and Step tiles mould and Cover Blocks mould. Mold for drain slabs made of rubber Manholes cover mould KerbStone moulds, Rubber mould manufacturers in kerala for plain slabs, precast boundary wall mould, rubber molds to make concrete poles as well as custom-designed moulds.

The JR rubber mould paver block are available in a variety of forms and styles. We offer square paver block designs as well as zig-zag paver block designs, 3D paver block designs I series, T series, natural stones, Dumbel shapes and other shapes.

The moulds made of rubber give the maximum strength and density paver blocks. The non-sticky layer inside ensures ease of demolition of paver blocks and tiles and also prevents the need to clean moulds constantly. The inner layer that is chemically resistant is the distinctive feature of our rubber molds which make them different from our competition.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What tolerances that can be held in Rubber Molding?

RMA A2 Precision and RMA A3 Commercial are the main tolerance tables used. Both charts have fixed dimensions and closure dimensions. Closure dimensions can be held tighter than RMA A2 in liquid silicone rubber molding. 

Q. .Can you readily convert a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) mold into a liquid injection silicone (LSR) mold?

Generally the molds are not interchangeable. The process of molding TPR is different from molding LSR in many ways. Silicone rubber is mixed at room temperature and injected into a hot mold. The silicone is fully cured and generally capable of being stretched and bent at the end of the cure cycle without deforming the part. TPR is heated and injected into a cold mold. Therefore the frequent need for ejector pins and similar tooling features. TPR molds often contain features to cool or heat the tooling.

Q. Why aren’t ejector pins and slides used in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) tooling designs?

Ejector pins and slides require clearance in the tool to perform. However, since LSR flows into its least restriction and is of very low viscosity, it would tend to clog any of these clearance features. Further, if the clearance between the ejector pin and bushing guide opened further due to normal wear, material flashing would be the likely result.

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