Readymade Compound Wall: Seamless Security, Striking Design

At JR Rubber Industries, we provide a variety of Readymadeย  compound wall moulds in different designs and sizes for making compound walls. These include moulds for wall panels, poles, couplings, base moulds, and all the necessary moulds for every part of precast-compound walls. These moulds are used in factories and on-site installations, with built-in colors and designs. Our rubber moulds are flexible, making it easy to remove the walls after they’re made. This ensures damage-free production, whether you have a small factory or a large-scale production plant. We also offer mold designs that can’t be created using any other method! Our rubber molds are exclusively designed to allow for perforations, a feature only achievable with rubber molds.

readymade compound wall

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering a selection of Readymade Compoundย  Walls. Our compound walls provide an elegant and attractive solution for various settings such as residential homes, businesses or industrial properties.

Precast boundary walls created using Rubber moulds feature unrivalled finishing quality with their glossy finish and Vibro-formed concrete mix, giving the products superior strength. Reinforcements or Glass fiber can be added in an admixture for enhanced strength of panels.

Product Varieties

Our products range from precast compound wall moulds, rcc boundary walls, compound wall moulds and readymade compound walls – as well as readymade compound wall packages – to stone and brick walls. Precast compound walls offer significant cost advantages over stone/brick walls when it comes to beautiful designs; precasting allows these designs to come to life unlike with masonry work.

PP 200 Hi Wall Design

If privacy and security are top priorities, the Hi Wall Design is an excellent option. With its impressive height and solid construction, this design ensures utmost privacy while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

DS 100 Classic

DS 100 Classic, an exquisite readymade boundary wall designed by their skilled craftspeople to elevate any property with style and strength. Created to stand the test of time and provide reliable protection for your space, the Classic can easily increase security and the look.

WP 801 7FT Royal Flora

Royal Flora by JR Rubber Industries is an elegant and durable boundary wall solution to elevate the beauty of any property. The precision manufacturingย  bring you a top class boundary solution.ย  Choose Royal Flora as it makes a timeless addition to any space.”

Why Choose JR Rubber Industries?

Precast compound walls made from JR Moulds are engineered using cutting-edge technology and redefine efficiency and convenience in construction. Precast Boundary walls are manufactured off-site using moulds for quick installation and reduced labour requirements on-site. Their controlled manufacturing environment guarantees consistently high quality while increasing durability and longevity. Customizable to meet individual design preferences, these boundary walls provide an elegant and attractive solution for various settings such as residential homes, businesses or industrial properties. JR Precast compound walls demonstrate their cost-effectiveness through reduced construction time and long-term savings on maintenance costs, as well as through their eco-friendly materials and minimal waste production. Furthermore, these walls are an efficient and adaptable answer to establishing borders while embodying modern technology while creating timeless design solutions.

Customer Testimonials

“Needed a quick and good-looking boundary for my shop. JR Rubber Industries’ readymade walls did the trick. They’re tough, easy, and customers like it. Happy with the choice!”


Local Store Owner

“Security matters at school. JR Rubber Industries’ readymade walls are strong and look neat. Kids are safer, and it was an easy choice for us.”


School Managment

“Time is money in real estate. JR Rubber Industries’ readymade walls saved us time and made our properties look modern. Clients love it!”

Linto Paul

Real Estate Developer

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