Precast Boundary Wall: Redefining Security and Style

JR Rubber Industries Precast boundary walls  offer an innovative solution to modern border division challenges. Conceived to simplify boundary establishment, these modern walls provide quick and cost-effective alternatives to more conventional methods of creating boundaries.

Advantage of precast technology is to facilitate off-site fabrication of boundary walls in advance, offering time savings compared to conventional installation techniques.

We  offer an efficient and customizable precast boundary wall solution designed to be modern in both time and quality.  Their timesaving, quality, and environmental benefits address traditional construction methods while providing durable yet aesthetically pleasing wall options suitable for various projects.

PrecastBoundary Wall

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering a selection of Precast Boundary Walls. Our boundary walls provide an elegant and attractive solution for various settings such as residential homes, businesses or industrial properties.


Product Varieties

Some of our Precast Boundary wall varieties are:

DS 102 Brick design, DS 101 Tide wave design, PP 204 Urban Fence, 

DS 102 Brick Design

The DS 102 brick model is one of the best-known wall designs used to protect properties in residential areas and commercial buildings. This brick-shaped structure makes the DS 102 design more eye-catching than other walls designs.

DS 101 Tide Wave Design

JR precast compound wall offers the DS 101 Tide Wave design as an impressive and unique feature of their precast compound walls. This spiral-shaped precast compound wall gives our home or plot an altogether unique appearance. Made with cement moulding rubber moulds to form this spiral design wall. Not only is its finish attractive but it is also extremely sturdy and long-term.

PP 204 Urban Fence

PP 204 Urban Fence This design can often be found in hotels, restaurants or similar establishments. With relatively narrow columns providing an incredible landscape view and some methods of fencing being superior than others.

Why choose JR Rubber Industries?

Precast compound walls can save both time and money as installation times are significantly faster. Furthermore, their labor costs are reduced while installations can be mechanized faster.

Precast fence designs offer several distinct advantages for users, some of them are given below:

  • Customized design with aesthetic appeal.
  • Three times more durable than the conventional method.
  • Strength – made with M30 concrete, AR fiber glass. 
  • Finish – unmatched finishing with rubber moulds, better finishing than handwork.
  • Dimensional stability – as it is cast with moulds.
  • Consistent quality 
  • Time-saving installation
  • Less space consuming 
  •  Reduced maintenance 
  • Versatility of applications 
  • Fire, termite, weather resistant

Customer Testimonials

“JR Rubber Industries made our commercial property safer with their sturdy precast boundary walls. The whole process was smooth, and it gives our place a professional touch. Highly recommended!”

Susan W.

Business Owner

“We got a precast boundary wall for our home, and it’s been awesome. It makes our place look good, and I feel safer. The guys who put it up did it really fast. I’d tell anyone to go for it!”


House Owner

“We needed something strong for our apartments. The precast wall was quick to put up, and it’s solid. It adds value to our place. Thumbs up!”

David L.

Apartment Manager

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 How To Order

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