Best Paver Moulds In Zambia

Paver block moulds create driveways, pathways, and outdoor spaces. Zambia’s top paver moulds are available in various styles that add visual appeal and impact construction projects. The aesthetic advantages of paver moulds in Zambia enhance urban environments while being useful in constructing driveways and pathways – their ability to be used in various ways makes them a valuable tool for construction projects and urban growth in Zambia.

paver moulds in Zambia

They are essential in creating robust, attractive pavers that withstand local weather. They are available in Rubber, Plastic, PVC and various materials; they come in various shapes such as Zig-zag, I-shape, Dumbbell, Hexagon, Elegance, 3D series, etc.

 Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering a variety of Paver Mold solutions specifically tailored to landscapes outdoors in Zambia. Our Paver Molds are developed to provide lasting elegance to outdoor areas throughout Zambia.

Paver Molds that are specifically designed to be used in Zambian climates are specially designed to withstand the heat. We provide various styles that transform paths, driveways, and patios into a striking area.

Product Varieties

Paver Moulds available for purchase can be found in Rubber, PVC, plastic material in various designs and shapes. Zig-zag paver mould, Square & Rectangle, I shape, Dumbbell, Cosmos, Elegance, 3D series, Combination with Cobble, Natural Stone, and more. We can design and manufacture according to our customers’ requirements.

Rubber Paver Mould

Rubber Paver Moulds are used for the manufacturing of interlocking concrete or pavers. Made of rubber, These moulds have intricate patterns and textures designed to create designs specific to paver designs. We even have combinations of molds! Our rubber molds are:

The flexibility, texture replication, custom-designed moulds, and easy molding all help ensure consistent results for the product.

Plastic Paver Mould

Plastic Paver Moulds can mold concrete or similar materials into pavers. They are available in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to create unique pavers. Some of the features of these moulds include Durability, Ease of Use, Affordable lightweight, and weather resistance.

PVC Paver Mould

PVC paver moulds are utilized to create interlocking cement or cement pavers. They are made of PVC material. These molds provide a variety of advantages when it comes to designing diverse patterns or designs for pavers with different features like interlocking edges. The most important components are:

Easy to demolish, high-quality pavers, and first-class molds that have long lives. Smooth and fine-finished pavers.

Features Of Our Paver Molds


The precise design in our moulds for paver blocks assures that each paver block you design is of the same dimensions and shapes, giving your paver bricks an elegant and polished appearance.


The paver block molds are constructed from high-quality raw materials, which ensures long-term durability and strength even in the most challenging weather conditions. They are built to withstand the rigours of constant use.

Easy of Use

Our moulds have been made to be used by the user. They’re simple to use, allowing professionals and DIYers to make perfect paver blocks with minimal effort.

Design Versatility

Our variety of designs lets you create stunning patterns and layouts that match your landscaping layout.



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Why choose JR Rubber Industries?

JR Industries is a reliable supplier of Paver Mould in Zambia. The reasons to choose JR Industry  :

All of our Paver moulds are manufactured using pure raw materials, ensuring dimensional stability, high quality in time, durability, and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is the most renowned manufacturer and supplier of rubber, PVC, and plastic paver moulds designed for production, providing machines, moulds, chemicals, and technologies with in-plant training for total paver solutions.

You can find a variety of designs of paver moulds that enhance the beauty of your home. We can customize our designs for particular areas or surfaces according to customer request, with customers in India along with 34 additional countries in the world and a track record of establishing over 1500 paver production units in India in addition to 68 production lines for pavers worldwide. 

We can provide the best answer for the production of pavers.

Support for installing Paver block  Mould machines and supplies of chemical and color oxides for paver block production is provided.

If you plan to establish your own company for production, the support and sales teams will help you succeed – they’re ready to help whenever you need it!

Our Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • Supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere 
  • Design and develop customized molds

How To Order

To order our  paver moulds in Zambia, you may visit our website, WhatsApp for a quick reply or click the Contact Us button below.


1. What are Paver Moulds, and how are they used in Zambia's construction industry?

 Paver Moulds are tools used to create concrete or brick pavers for pathways and driveways in Zambia’s construction projects.

2. Can Paver Moulds be customized to fit specific design preferences in Zambia?

Yes, many suppliers, including JR Rubber Industries, offer customizable Paver Moulds to suit unique design needs in Zambia.

3. Are there different types of Paver Moulds available in Zambia?

Yes, Paver Moulds come in various types, sizes, and designs to cater to different project requirements in Zambia.

4. How do I choose the right size and type of Paver Mould for my project in Zambia?

 Consider your project requirements and consult with suppliers, such as JR Rubber Industries, for guidance on selecting the right Paver Mould in Zambia.

5. Can Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries withstand Zambia's weather conditions?

Yes, Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions in Zambia.