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Are you seeking high-quality paver moulds in Vietnam to enhance your construction and landscaping projects? Look no further! JR Rubber Industries has you covered! With an assortment of premium paver moulds designed to meet the individual needs of construction professionals, our premium paver moulds offer durability, versatility, and sophistication for your paving projects. Explore the world of paver moulds – their various applications await!

Product Overview

A paver block mould is a specially designed mould used to form and design paver blocks, providing their shape and design features to fit together like puzzle pieces for pathways, driveways and outdoor surfaces. Commonly found in construction and landscaping projects alike to create attractive outdoor spaces, paver block moulds are essential tools in creating strong yet long-term structures.

And we offer three kinds of paver moulds – rubber, plastic and PVC paver moulds – to provide even more landscaping options.

Rubber Paver Mould

The rubber paver moulds are utilized to make cement or concrete pavers. These moulds guarantee precise and consistent results during the manufacturing process. As they are named, the moulds are constructed of rubber material, making them strong and flexible to be used repeatedly. Thanks to JR rubber mould’s paver block, it is possible to create products with various designs and shapes. Our range of products include Square and rectangle,elehgance series,zigzag block,3D series,I series,T series,natural stone,dumbbell shapes and other shapes.

We also design custom molds and interlocking moulds as per your requirements.

Plastic Paver Mould

Paver block moulds are constructed with premium quality plastic, providing customers with customizable, durable, and varied of various paver block mould designs. We produce plastic molds in different shapes and designs, such as zigzags, I-shapes, hexagons, squares, T-series molds, etc. JR molds made of plastic are 100% pure material; we manufacture premium plastic paver moulds designed specifically for paver blocks, with new and exciting mold designs introduced every week!

PVC Paver Mould

These moulds are specifically designed and used to make interlocked cement or concrete pavers. They are used as templates, providing pavers with their shape and appearance. The moulds are made of strong PVC material that can be used repeatedly. PVC material is flexible, making it simple to take the pavers once they’ve been moulded.

PVC Paver moulds enable the production of pavers with perfect solid and perfectly shaped shapes. They can design a variety of designs and patterns for pavers. Paver moulds made out of PVC are sturdy and can withstand concrete without difficulty, ensuring that the moulds will last longer.

Key Features Of Our Paver  Moulds


The precise design that we employ in moulding paver bricks guarantees that each paver block you make is consistent in size and shape, giving your paver bricks a polished and clean appearance.


The paver moulds are constructed from high-end raw materials, which ensures long-term durability and strength even under the most difficult conditions. They are designed to withstand the stress of constant use.

Ease Of Use

Our moulds have been created for the user to use. They’re easy to make, allowing professionals and DIY enthusiasts to design perfect paver blocks with minimal trouble.

Design Versatility

Our vast selection allows you to create stunning designs and layouts that complement your landscaping design.



Customer Testimonials


“JR Rubber Industries’ paver moulds in Vietnam offer so many designs. We found the perfect match for our style.”



“JR Rubber Industries in Vietnam provides the best paver moulds! They are strong and last a long time.”


Why Choose JR Rubber Industries ?

JR Rubber Industries is an internationally renowned producer of moulds made from rubber for plastic moulds, rubber moulds, and PVC moulds. JR Rubber Industries is Vietnam’s most popular supplier of brick paver moulds. We also offer all-inclusive solutions for producing pavers, including moulds, machinery chemicals, technology, and training in-plant.

Many designs of paver block moulds can create outdoor spaces that are more attractive as well as beautiful. Paver block moulds offer design versatility and the ability to create customized paved surfaces.

We have built the most reputable rubber producers with over twenty-five years of experience within the sector. We are committed to providing top-quality products to meet the requirements of the customers. From small-scale projects to massive-scale industrial applications, Our team is equipped to meet every challenge and produce extraordinary results.

 Our Expert Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere
  • Design and develop customized molds

   How To Order

To order our Paver moulds in Vietnam, you may visit our website,whatsApp us or click the contact us button below.


1. Can JR Rubber Industries customize paver moulds for specific factory requirements?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries offers customization options to meet the unique specifications and designs required by factories in Vietnam.

2. Can I get technical support from JR Rubber Industries for using their paver moulds in my factory projects?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries provides comprehensive technical support to assist factories in Vietnam with the proper use and installation of their paver moulds.

3.Can I purchase bulk quantities of paver moulds from JR Rubber Industries?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries accommodates bulk orders. Contact our sales team for specific details