Best Paver Moulds In UAE

Paver block moulds are integral to the UAE construction industry, shaping urban development. They are used to construct pathways, driveways, and outdoor spaces. Paver moulds in UAE offer multiple design possibilities that add aesthetic value to construction projects.

These molds are essential in producing durable, visually appealing paving blocks that withstand local climate. Available in Rubber, PVC, and Plastic materials and featuring various shapes such as Zig-zags, I shape, dumbbells, Cosmos series, Elegance series, 3D series, etc.

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering their Paver Mould solutions, suitable for outdoor landscapes in UAE. These Paver Moulds have been designed to elevate UAE landscapes with lasting elegance.

Paver Block Molds specially suited for UAE’s climate have been engineered to withstand high heat. Our selection includes styles and designs tailored specifically for creating and renovating pathways, driveways, and patios.

   Product Varieties

Paver Molds are available in Rubber, PVC, and Plastic materials with various designs and shapes such as squares and rectangles, Zig-zag paver molds, I shape, Dumbbells, Elegance 3D series Combinations, Cobble,Natural Stone, etc. We can customize them according to customer requests.

Rubber Paver Mould

Rubber paver moulds are used to produce interlocking concrete or cement pavers. Made of rubber materials, these molds feature intricate textures and patterns designed to produce designs specific to certain paver designs – we even provide combination molds! Some features of our rubber moulds include:

Flexibility, texture-replicating moulds, and easy Molding contribute to consistent product results.

Plastic Paver Mould

Plastic paver moulds are used to shape concrete or similar substances into pavers and come in various sizes and shapes that enable you to produce uniquely designed pieces. Features of these moulds include Durability, Ease of Use, Affordability, Lightweightness, and Weather Resistance.

PVC Paver Mould

PVC paver molds are essential for creating interlocking concrete or cement pavers with interlocking edges, such as driveway pavers. Crafted out of PVC material, these molds offer numerous benefits when creating designs with various patterns or for pavers with interlocking edges. Key features are:

Easy demolding, finished pavers, first-quality moulds with extended lifespans and fine and smooth finished pieces make up our easy set-up program for paver manufacturing.

Key Features Of Our Paver Block Moulds


Precision engineering of our paver block moulds ensures that every paver block you make will be uniform in size and shape, giving them a sleek appearance when laid.


Our paver block moulds are handcrafted from high-quality raw materials to ensure long-term resilience under all weather conditions. They are built to withstand continuous use without strain.

Easy Of Use

Our moulds are built with user convenience, making them simple for professionals and DIY enthusiasts to produce perfect paver blocks without too much difficulty.

Design Versatility

Our wide range of designs allows you to craft stunning patterns and layouts to add interest and beauty to your landscape design.


Why Choose JR Rubber Industries?

JR Rubber Industries is the world’s premier provider of rubber moulds, plastic moulds and PVC moulds for paver mould production and best seller of paver mould. We also provide complete solutions to paver mold manufacturing with machinery, molds, chemicals technology, and in-plant training solutions to enhance the production of pavers to make your surroundings even more beautiful – our designs can also be customized according to specific areas or surfaces per your preferences.

We serve clients in India and 34 other countries around the globe, having established over 1500 paver units domestically and 68 units globally. We’re confident we have everything necessary to fulfill all your paver production needs.

Installation support for Paver mold machines. In addition, we supply chemicals and color oxides, essential ingredients in paver block manufacturing. If you plan to start a paver production firm, our sales and support teams always offer assistance when needed.

  Our Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere 
  • Design and develop customized molds

   Customer Testimonials


“We used JR Rubber Industries’ Paver Moulds for our Abu Dhabi driveway. They were strong and made our front yard look nice. Happy with JR Rubber Industries’ quality!”


Abu Dhabi


“JR Rubber Industries’ Paver Moulds in Umm Al-Quwain was a great choice for our patio. They were easy to use, and the final result exceeded our expectations. Happy with JR Rubber Industries’ products!”


Umm Al-Quwain

How To Order

To order our Paver moulds in UAE, you may visit our website,whatsApp us or click the contact us button below.


1. What types of Paver Moulds are commonly used in the UAE's construction industry?

 The UAE’s construction industry commonly uses various Paver Moulds, including interlocking, zigzag, and cobblestone designs.

2. Can Paver Moulds be customized for specific design preferences in the UAE?

Yes, many suppliers, including JR Rubber Industries, offer customizable Paver Moulds to suit unique design needs in the UAE.

3. How can I choose the right size and type of Paver Mould for my project in the UAE?

Consider your project requirements and consult with suppliers, such as JR Rubber Industries, for guidance on selecting the right Paver Mould in the UAE.

4. Can Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries withstand the UAE's weather conditions?

Yes, Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions in the UAE.

5. Can Paver Moulds be used for residential and commercial projects in the UAE?

Yes, Paver Moulds are versatile and suitable for various projects, including residential and commercial construction in the UAE.