Best Interlock Mould For Building Better Paths

At JR Industries, we make special interlock moulds, a cutting-edge invention in construction. You can explore the endless construction possibilities with our interlock mould.

JR Rubber Industries is a leading name in manufacturing and providing high-quality equipment and solutions for the construction industry. We offer complete solutions to interlock mould production with machinery, moulds, chemicals and technology, and in-plant training. Our moulds are made with high-quality, strong materials that can last long.

Product Overview

Interlock moulds are specialized moulds utilized in construction and landscaping to produce interlocking concrete or paving stones. These moulds facilitate the creation of a uniform and interlocking concrete blocks used for various outdoor applications. They provide a template or form in which concrete mixes are poured, allowing the material to settle and take the shape of the mould. The design of interlock moulds enables the formation of concrete blocks that interlock seamlessly. It creates stable surfaces. Interlock moulds are precise tools created to make interconnected units effortlessly connect, increasing structural stability.

They are often made from sturdy materials such as rubber or premium plastics. These moulds use an interlocking mechanism that ensures an exact and seamless fit. Interlock moulds offer immense versatility, creating durable and visually appealing concrete blocks that interlock seamlessly, serving diverse needs in construction, landscaping, and infrastructure development.

Types Of Interlock Moulds From JR Rubber Industries

 Interlock Plastic Mould

In our manufacturing process, we focus on producing Polypropylene plastic paver moulds and utilizing only virgin raw materials. This commitment to using high-quality materials ensures that each mould has strength and durability. We offer an extensive selection from classic designs to innovative patterns like plastic zigzag moulds, I-shapes, dumbbell shapes, hexagons, elegance, T-series, and even custom designs.

Interlock Rubber Mould

Our rubber paver moulds are specifically designed to last that spans several years. The main benefit is the absence of discolouration or blackening as time passes. The outer layer is made of unique rubber known for its resistance to acid and alkaline non-stick characteristics. The strength and durability are comparable to tyres for cars. The life span of our moulds is in the vicinity of infinite.

Our moulds made of rubber have been in use for more than ten years. We offer an extensive selection from classic designs to innovative patterns like rubber zigzag moulds, I-shapes, dumbbell shapes, hexagons, elegance, T-series, and even custom designs.

PVC Interlock  Mould

Our premium-quality PVC paver moulds are made from virgin raw materials. Our moulds are durable. It is extremely simple to use in the process of demolding. We’ve always been consistent in our design concepts and the quality of our products. Our PVC interlock moulds will satisfy the needs of our customers and will be of the highest quality. We offer an extensive selection from classic designs to innovative patterns like PVC zigzag moulds, I-shapes, dumbbell shapes, hexagons, elegance, T-series, and even custom designs.

Customer Testimonials

” Choosing JR Rubber Industries for our interlock mould needs was immensely important. Their products’ quality is exceptional, and it’s evident that they prioritize quality and durability in their manufacturing process.”

John Mathews

“Our experience with their interlock moulds has not only met but exceeded our expectations, contributing significantly to the success of our projects.“

Bhaskar Menon

“The team at JR Rubber Industries has been consistently supportive, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable. We highly recommend JR Rubber Industries for anyone seeking interlock moulds backed by reliable service.”

Aiswarya Das

Why Choose JR Rubber Industries

JR Rubber Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber, plastic, and PVC moulds for interlock brick. We also provide complete solutions for interlock brick production with machinery, moulds, chemicals, technology, and in-plant training. You will find various designs of interlock moulds to make your surroundings more beautiful. Interlocking paver moulds enable customization of the interlock brick to suit specific areas or surfaces per your preferences.

 We have a client spanning India and 34 countries across the globe, with experience of establishing over 1500 paver units in India and 68 units worldwide. We are confident we can provide the complete solution for your interlock brick production. We provide our clients with installation support for machines. Also, we have a supply of chemicals and color oxides that are the main ingredients for interlock brick manufacturing. Our sales and support team will always provide their assistance whenever you need it.


Our Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere 
  • Design and develop customized molds


 How To Order

To order our interlock mould, visit our website or click the Contact Us button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are used in JR Rubber Industries' interlock moulds?

Our interlock mould includes  Rubber,  PVC, and  Plastic .

2. Can JR Rubber Industries provide customized mould designs?

Yes, we specialize in the design and development of customized interlock moulds.

3. Can JR Rubber Industries provide in-plant training for client personnel?

Yes, we offer in-plant training to equip client personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge for efficient operations.