Best Concrete Paver Mould In Indonesia

Concrete pavers have become famous for landscaping and construction projects in Indonesia. They can withstand the harsh Indonesian climate and heavy foot traffic. You can use them to create a new atmosphere by using stunning designs. The simplest installation method will produce good-looking surfaces such as patios, paths, etc.

JR Rubber Industries, Indonesia’s most prominent mold manufacturer, produces the highest quality Paver molds for floor tiles, Curbstones, wall tiles, step tiles, ventilators, boundary walls, maintenance holes, plane slabs, and custom designs. We offer complete solutions in paver production, including machinery, moulds and chemicals, and plant training. Our trademark is rubber moulds with an infinite life span and unmatched services. We will provide you with a product that meets your project requirements.

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Concrete paver moulds in Indonesia are flexible in their design, one of their main advantages. This allows you to create custom designs that reflect your style and preferences. Professionals can lay them quickly, reducing construction time and minimizing disturbance to your outdoor spaces.

Types Of Paver Moulds From JR Rubber Industries

Rubber Paver Moulds

Rubber paver moulds can also be used to create intricate designs. JR rubber molded blocks come in a variety of shapes and designs. There are many different paver patterns, such as square and 3D paver.

Advantages Of Using Rubber Moulds 

Our molds have a long-lasting lifespan. The absence of discoloration or blackening over time is a notable benefit. The inner layer of the rubber is known for its non-sticking properties and is acid and alkaline-resistant. The rubber is similar in strength and durability to that of automobile tires. Our moulds have a near-infinite lifespan. The vibrator machine efficiently transfers the vibrations to the concrete mix, ensuring optimum strength. Our customers expect our molds to last 4-5 years. Our rubber molds have been used worldwide continuously for more than ten years.

Plastic Paver Moulds

Plastic Paver Moulds are one of the most popular types of moulds for pavers. These moulds were easy to use, lightweight and durable. JR Rubber Industries offers the highest quality plastic molds to our customers. The molds are available in different shapes and sizes, including zig-zags, squares, hexagons, T Series, etc.

Advantages Of Using Plastic Paver Mould

Plastic paver moulds made from virgin raw materials are 100% recyclable. It ensures durability and effectiveness. These tiles are available in a variety of innovative and creative designs. The smooth inner layer of the mould transfers the intricate designs onto the paver/tile blocks. The mould is quickly demolished compared to others made of polypropylene. Its long-lasting durability makes it a popular choice for the industry.

The company also provides machines for paver blocks and tiles production tailored to customers’ needs overseas. Chemical pigments and acrylic varnish are provided for the startup units to ensure a smooth transition into production. They provide reliable technical support and consultation. The product is durable, has a cutting-edge design, and the company provides customer support.

 PVC Paver Moulds

Our fine-quality PVC paver molds are made from virgin raw materials. Our molds are durable and have high dimensional stability. The demolding procedure is straightforward. Our designs and quality have been consistent. Our PVC paver mold will be of the highest quality and meet all customer requirements.

Advantages Of Using PVC Paver Moulds

JR PVC molds are made from virgin raw materials of the highest quality. Our products are characterized by their high level of dimensional stability. Our product’s quality is evident in its long life. This ensures durability and reliability. Our solutions are distinguished by the fine impression that they make on pavers. They exhibit a level of detail that is up to the highest standards. Our commitment to engineering precision is a hallmark of the manufacturing process.

Why choose JR Rubber Industries For Your Paver Molds ?

JR Rubber Industries is the world’s leading rubber, plastic, and PVC mold manufacturer. We are also the top seller in Indonesia for Concrete Paver Mold. We provide complete solutions to paver production, including machinery, moulds and chemicals, and in-plant training. Concrete paver moulds come in many different designs to enhance your environment. Concrete paver moulds allow you to customize the pavers according to your needs.

Our client base extends to India and over 34 countries around the world. We have established over 1500 paver units in India and 68 around the globe. We are confident that we can provide a complete solution for paver production.Our clients can rely on us for installation assistance of Paver plants. We also have the chemicals and color oxides needed for paver block mould production. We will gladly help you to make your paver production company successful if that is what you want. Our sales and support team will be there to help you whenever needed.

Our Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere 
  • Design and develop customized molds

How To Order

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1. Can Concrete Paver Moulds be customized for specific design preferences in Indonesia?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries and other suppliers offer customizable Concrete Paver Moulds to suit unique design needs in Indonesia.

2. How can I choose the right size and type of Concrete Paver Mould for my project in Indonesia?

Consider your project requirements and consult with suppliers, such as JR Rubber Industries, for guidance on selecting the right Concrete Paver Mould in Indonesia.

3. Are Concrete Paver Moulds suitable for DIY projects in Indonesia, or are they mainly for professionals?

Concrete Paver Moulds can be used for DIY projects and by professionals in Indonesia, offering versatility in construction.

4. Can Concrete Paver Moulds be used for residential and commercial projects in Indonesia?

 Yes, Concrete Paver Moulds are versatile and suitable for various projects in Indonesia, including residential and commercial construction.

5. Can Concrete Paver Moulds create pavers with different surface textures in Indonesia?

Yes, Concrete Paver Moulds, especially those from JR Rubber Industries, can produce pavers with various surface textures to enhance aesthetics in Indonesia.