Top 5 things to Consider while selecting Paver Block Moulds

By  Admin |  Date  :  26-January-2023

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Every driveways, pathways, patios, backyard, etc are incomplete without the installation of pavers. Pavers come in different shapes, materials, sizes, colours, etc. Among these different types, concrete pavers are the best and the most popular option. In order to make the best concrete pavers, it is vital to select the finest quality paver block moulds. Thus, what are the specifications to keep in mind while choosing the moulds for pavers? That is exactly what we will be looking at in this blog. So, read along!

What is Paver Block Mould

Before getting into what is paver block mould, let us first see what are pavers. Pavers are used in the process of making a surface appropriate for travel. Pavers are used to improve safety and aesthetic appeal and are frequently used on walkways, driveways, backyards, etc. Pavers are often made using brick, concrete, stone, tile, travertine, or limestone. But as it is mentioned above, concrete pavers are the best option. In order to make concrete pavers, paver moulds are essential. The concrete mixture is poured into moulds that come in different shapes, designs, etc to further form pavers. 

Things to Consider While Selecting Paver Block Moulds

1. Picking the Appropriate Model

One of the first rules that apply to any manufacturing is to first put the demand and supply paradigm into practice. You must also identify the models that clients in the paving industry find to be in great demand. With the right choice of paver block moulds, you can upgrade your paver block business and boost your profits.

2. The Longevity of Moulds

While selecting the moulds, it is essential to look into the longevity of the paver moulds while selecting them. Paver moulds come in different materials like plastic, rubber and PVC. In the case of rubber mould paver block, its minimum life span must be 12 years and can go up to 15 years. The lifespan of pvc paver moulds should be around 4-5 years. And finally, the plastic paver block mould’s lifespan must be around 2-3 years. 

3. Using the Required Raw Materials

It goes without saying that using insufficient or excessive raw materials would harm the mould and result in faulty output. When choosing the moulds, the kind of raw materials to be utilised should also be taken into account. This is due to the fact that the life of the moulds would be adversely impacted if the raw material structure chosen is harder than the raw material of the mould. The hardness of the mould’s construction should be proportionately matched to the raw materials employed.

4. Knowledge and expertise in operation

The knowledge and experience of the operators are among the most crucial elements in the use of machines and moulds. The paver block machine and the paver block moulds will not be adequately controlled if the operator does not have the necessary training and expertise, which will result in production problems and financial losses. The operator must continuously perform the essential checks while production is in progress. So, it is important to check if the mould company is ready to give onsite training on the usage of the machines and moulds. 

5. Availability of the Latest and Trending Designs

Every day, more and more designs are being introduced into the market of paver blocks. So, mould manufacturers should be able to cater the needs of their customers by delivering any designs and shapes they demand. 

 Applications of pavers 

Standard sizes are used in the mass production of concrete blocks. As a result, they are interchangeable. The two surfaces of a standard concrete block are smooth on one and rough on the other. The concrete paving blocks are best suited for heavy-duty applications since they can withstand braking and shearing pressures and support enormous loads. 

Different colours can be seen in the concrete blocks. Metallic oxides are usually responsible for the colours. Concrete pavers come in different designs like zig zag paver block design, I shape paver block design, 3d paver block design, dumbel series, t series and so on. Let us now see the application of pavers. 

Patio and walkway improvements can be built using pavers. A low ornamental wall made of pavers and bonded together with adhesive cement can transform a patio made of paving stones into a stylish outdoor courtyard.

Paving blocks are ideal for use in hiding flaws in outdoor spaces or adding decorative elements to a yard due to their uniform, appealing appearance. Although they are necessary, galvanised metal window wells are not attractive to look at. 

Such a window can be surrounded by a border made of pavers to enhance its appeal. By using a border constructed of paving stones, flower beds or mulch at the foot of trees can be separated from the rest of a yard and integrated with the other features of an outdoor space.

 Benefits of pavers

Block pavers require more time to instal, according to experts. They can, however, be put to use right away after installation.

If you want to use paver stones for your home, they are pricey up front. However, because they require less upkeep over time, they can end up being cost-effective.

Paver blocks are weather-resistant since they are tiny and frequently interlock. As a result of their ability to compress and expand, cracks are less prone to develop.

Cleaning and mopping paver bricks are simple. And you can fix a paver block without having to break the slab and replace it all.


Now that you have read about the complete details of pavers and paver moulds, you can easily choose the best moulds based on the parameters mentioned in this blog. As it is mentioned in this blog, the quality of pavers depends on the quality of the moulds too. JR rubbers is the leading pvc, plastic and rubber mould manufacturers in India. Head to our products page to see the expansive range of rubber mould paver block, pvc paver moulds and plastic moulds  available in JR. For any queries, contact us at [email protected]