10 Incredible Natural Stone Wall Cladding Ideas For Your Home

By  Admin |  Date  :  24-January-2023

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natural stone wall cladding

Natural stones for wall cladding have long been regarded as a renowned building resource for architecture. It lends its surroundings a really imposing, antique ambience. 

Because of their strength and durability, complicated materials like wood or stones were once utilised for cladding. However, in the current world, there are many different materials to pick from, including glass, cement, concrete, timber, metal, brick, and stones, among others.

We strongly advise choosing natural stones because wall cladding needs to be durable and resistant to extreme weather. Everything you need to know about natural cladding is covered in this blog along with natural stone wall cladding ideas. Keep reading.

Reasons to Use Natural Cladding on Walls

For a more natural and appealing appearance, many homeowners clad their walls with natural stones. However, there are other factors to take into account when choosing natural stones, which we’ve covered below.

1. Visual Aspects

Natural stones have a wide variety of colours, textures, and patterns, making them visually pleasing and aesthetically appealing for wall cladding. Stones can be used in a variety of ways and are adaptable to their surroundings. Stone wall cladding tiles makes your area of the application feel more organic and natural. Whatever mood you desire, it wonderfully compliments.

If you like a more classic appearance for your living room, opt for a light colour scheme and warm tones for a more retro feel. However, if you’re more interested in creating a contemporary style, we suggest painting your walls a deeper colour. The stone helps to produce a more compact appearance by intensifying the area of application.

2.Boosts Your Property’s Value

Natural stone wall cladding can be rapidly constructed at budgeted costs, but it adds character and value to your home altogether. They never fall out of style and constantly add character to your home. Natural stone walls add a touch of luxury and raise the value of your property overall. Why do you think natural stones are used in the construction of all monuments and castles? merely because it increases their worth and comfort.

3. Acts as a Shield

Natural stones are quite well-liked because of how well they can withstand extreme weather. They are thought to be the best for severe weather. Heat is typically absorbed and stored by stone. Stone walls are not only a great heat insulator, but they also block out noise. Natural Stone wall cladding would be the finest option for you if you live in a busy neighbourhood and want to keep the noise and heat out.

4. Economical

Natural Stones for wall cladding have shown to be of good value for their quality. Since stones are known for their excellent resistance and durability on a global scale, they can last a very long time with little upkeep.

Additionally, the first installation of these stone wall claddings is rather simple and doesn’t require additional labour. These stone walls may last a very long time without decaying with very little upkeep. These stones can be cleaned with water if any stains are left on their exterior. These natural stones for wall cladding hardly ever lose their colour or texture if properly cared for.

5. Strong and Long-lasting

Natural stone wall cladding tiles are frequently used because of their durability and sturdiness. They are frost-resistant, non-slip, and have incredibly high resilience to adverse weather. Natural stones can endure any weather and be well-maintained for a lifetime. Natural stones for wall cladding can be put both indoors and outside due to their durability.

6. Wide Range of Designs

Natural cladding Stones come in a huge range. You may design your living area quickly and have a stone wall made that properly matches the surroundings. Natural stones can be carved into a variety of forms, hues, and dimensions.

For wall claddings, lighter colours are typically favoured in places where there is less space. It offers a sense of more space and reflects light. Darker colours, on the other hand, are preferable for a larger area to give it a more compact appearance.

The best thing about these natural stones is that no two slabs are exactly alike, adding more texture, colour, and variation to the area.

Applications of Natural Stone Wall Cladding


Natural stone wall cladding is a stylish and adaptable choice for any house, farm, apartment, or business space. They can be utilised for external walls to enhance the look and value of your house or on interior walls to create a distinctive, fashionable appeal. 

Natural stones are available in a wide range of textures and hues, making them perfect for use in a variety of applications, such as kitchen walls and retaining walls in the front and back yards, facade wall tiles, fences, posts, pillars, chimneys, swimming pools, bathrooms and outdoor cooking areas.

1. Exterior Walls: The home’s facade or one or two accent walls on the exterior are the two most obvious uses for natural stone cladding. A house with dark-cut stone exterior walls has an air of refinement, and a porch with natural stone walls gives a striking and warm look to the overall exterior of the house. 

2. Patios and Walkways: Renovating patios and garden walkways in stone cladding is a simple way to add flair to your home’s exterior. Patios are open-air living spaces. Gravel may have a certain attractiveness, but it diffuses and becomes jumbled quickly, adding a great deal of extra work. Stonework provides aesthetic attraction with much less hassle and maintenance. The path leading to the front entryway serves as the introduction to a house, therefore this smaller-scale makeover has a significant visual impact and can significantly boost a property’s curb appeal.

3. Interior Walls: A passageway or corridor establishes a home’s mood, and covering its walls with stone lets guests know that their host has unmistakably excellent taste. A kitchen can have a cosy, and sturdy wall with stone cladding in the middle will give the room an outdoor impression without exposing it to the weather.

4. Floor: A great way to add the beauty and charm of natural stone to a small room or one with a lot of cabinets or other features on the walls is by using stone cladding for the floor.  It’s a fantastic option for smaller hallways or kitchens that might seem crowded with stone-clad walls. Natural stone cladding tiles can be laid on floors to create a strong illuminating theme for a single room or the entire house.

 10 Natural Stone Wall Cladding Ideas


1. Natural Stone Wall for a Stylish Look 

natural cladding

Red brick wall cladding offers a variety of aesthetic options. A stone-clad wall gives modern dwellings, especially bachelor pads, a highly stylish and urbane appearance. Applying cladding to an empty kitchen wall can completely transform it.

2. Natural Stone Wall Cladding for Dinette

stone wall cladding

An open dining and living area requires a shared wall to blend in perfectly. In addition to serving as a gorgeous backdrop for the cabinets, a backdrop for the counter, and a background for the wall art, the light grey stone cladding offers the wall a lovely smooth texture.

3. Natural Stone Wall of White Stone

Backgrounds with plain white walls are no longer fashionable. The feature wall in the living area with the white wall covered in natural stone complements the furniture’s warm natural brown colour beautifully and raises the room’s general brightness.

4. Bedroom Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Do you want to improve the appearance of your bedroom? For bedroom walls, a design with natural stone wall cladding works like a charm! The neutral colour scheme of the bedroom’s design and furnishings pairs perfectly with the gentle grey of the natural wall cladding.

5. Light Color Natural Stone Wall Cladding

The light colour natural stone wall cladding will enhance the bold colours of the furniture and other properties that go into the design of the space. If you are planning to design your home space with bold and dark colours, a light-coloured stone-clad wall would be a perfect choice. 

6. Balcony Wall With Natural Stone Cladding

It’s always a good idea to design your home’s balcony walls with imposing stone walls. The wall design quite well sets the tone of the area, and stone-clad balconies look more connected to the outside.

7. Natural Stone cladding for the Bathroom

Natural stone cladding is a dynamic design choice that may be used to alter different areas in numerous ways. Bathroom stone cladding that is asymmetrical can radically transform the room’s appearance. Natural Cladding has great character and gives irresistible charm to your bathroom walls.

8. Stone Wall to Give Colour Contrast

Aside from creating interiors with a rugged appearance, stone wall cladding tiles can also be utilized effectively to create a colour contrast between the furniture and the walls, giving the space a refined look.  

9. A Decorative Corner with Stone Wall

The stone-clad wall serves as a stunning backdrop for the lovely and peaceful area of a living room.

10. Incredible Black Wall

The colour black is timeless and sophisticated. That is what makes the tile a reliable option for interior design. However, you can choose a black stone-clad wall rather than a plain black-painted wall. This will give the space more personality. Black is a colour that goes with everything, so you can easily pair it with furniture to finish the space.

To Conclude

Natural Stone is a common choice among homeowners nowadays. Finding the best quality natural stone moulds is the first step in manufacturing natural stone wall cladding tiles or paver blocks. At JR Rubber Industries, we manufacture the finest quality rubber moulds for natural stone designs. Head to JR rubber industries to find out more about the wide variety of natural stone tile options.