Natural Stone Pavers vs Concrete Pavers: Choose the Ideal Paver for Your Space

By  Admin |  Date  :  25-January-2023

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natural stone pavers

Without a welcoming and simple-to-maintain patio or walkway, the property is never complete. But, what kind of material is ideal for your outdoor space is the question. Is it concrete pavers or natural stone pavers?

Your decision will determine whether you get to relax outside or worry about upkeep and repairs. We definitely don’t want to have a patio or walkway that is difficult to maintain, ugly, or unreliable for frequent usage. 

The outcome of your landscape will be significantly influenced by the pavement material you choose for your outdoor area. Choosing what kind of pavers to use for your walkway is a much bigger commitment than choosing the type of furniture or plants to purchase since it will be more difficult to change the pavers after they are installed. 

As a result, you should choose your pavers carefully and consider your options, before taking the final decision. So, in this blog, we will be comparing concrete pavers and natural stone pavers to help you make a choice.

What are The Features of an Ideal Paver

Before choosing the paver for your space, it is vital to first understand, on what parameters you must choose the paver. So, let’s first see the important features of an ideal paver. 

1. The pavers must be easy to clean and maintain. The whole process of maintaining the pavers of your space must be hassle-free and less time-consuming. The cleaning must be so easy that a simple water wash can give the pavers and clean and bright look. 

2. The pavers must be sturdy and should last for a very long time without any cracks or other damage. The pavers must even be able to withstand the pressure from heavy vehicles. Moreover, it should be unaffected by snow, oils and chemicals.

3. The pavers must be ideal for any space be it residential or commercial space. The pavers must be versatile, coming in different shapes and colours. The pavers must help you in achieving a fantastic look, whether you desire a straightforward, standard paving design or something much more intricate and spectacular. The variety of block paving styles will significantly improve your space’s aesthetic appeal.

4. The pavers must be slip and skid-proof. You must be easily able to walk or even run on the pavers without having to worry about falling down and hurting yourself or your kids. 

5. The pavers must be easy to install and there shouldn’t be a need of using heavy machines or other special equipment to install the pavers. The whole installation process must only take a maximum of 3-4 days, and one must be able to walk on them right after the installation process. Additionally, if one paver block is damaged and needs replacement, the process must be very easy, that the other paver blocks will not be affected by this. 

6. The pavers must be able to withstand any weather conditions. Even if there is heavy rain, the water must be able to easily seep into the ground and prevent the rainwater from getting accumulated and flooding the patio.

Natural Stone Pavers vs Concrete Pavers 

Why should you choose natural stone or concrete pavers? Both concrete and natural stone pavers are excellent materials for patios, pathways, and driveways because of their longevity and low maintenance requirements in comparison to solid concrete slabs that frequently crack in adverse weather.

Both can withstand major weather changes and can last for many years. Even if a small part breaks, replacing just that particular item will be simple and reasonably priced.

Both pavers share the benefit of being made of individual pieces, which allows the pressure from heavy use to be distributed across the surface, which reduces the risk of cracking. Other factors to take into account are adaptability, style, and colour. 

These are some areas where there make both concrete and natural stone a good choice for walkways or patios, Now, let us see the individual benefits of both pavers. 

Natural Stone Pavers

natural stone

Natural stone pavers are pulled out of the earth as large stone blocks and then chopped into smaller pieces during the quarrying process. Natural stones are sturdy and resistant to the weather because of this. Thus making natural stone pavers more expensive than other pavers. 

As it is naturally formed, natural stone paver may not be as level or flat and will not have a smooth finish as concrete pavers, which is another crucial aspect to be aware of. Because of this, natural stone cannot be used in areas where there are more children. Although they often have a natural shape, they can be carved into shapes like rectangles or squares.

Natural stone pavers also come in a restricted range of hues because they are naturally occurring. Even if you desire a particular colour or pattern, it will be difficult to get the colour and pattern of your choice. 

Natural Stone pavers are available in a variety of designs and the elegance that natural stone gives to a space is unmatched by any other pavers. Natural stone landscaping is a definite way to impress visitors and add some personality to the space.

Natural stone pavers do not easily develop cracks. And if there appear any cracks, it is easy to repair and replace the pavers. The paver with crack can be individually removed and replaced, leaving the other pavers untouched. 

Without a doubt, stones have a very long lifespan and get better with age. Natural stones are more beautiful because, unlike concrete, their colours are not tinted. 

Additionally, unlike concrete pavers, they are not manufactured from composite aggregate mixtures, allowing them to maintain their beauty throughout time. Even certain stones can develop their full elegance and beauty after only a short time. And even hundreds of years from now, they will still be as stunning as the day they were installed.

To get the rustic charm and long-lasting effect of natural stones without spending a high amount on the pavers, concrete pavers can be used. Concrete pavers have a huge variety of choices that come in many shapes and colours. Apart from being unique in terms of shape, colour, and pattern, concrete pavers are also easy to maintain and with proper care, they are durable and can last for a very long time.

Concrete Pavers

Whether it’s a patio, pathway, or driveway, concrete pavers are very adaptable and durable which makes them ideal for any outdoor residential space or industrial space. Concrete pavers improve the overall appearance of the exterior of a property. The cost of concrete pavers is less than natural stone as the manufacturing process of concrete pavers is way easier than manufacturing natural stone. 

Concrete pavers come in different shapes and colours. A few shapes are square paver block design, zig zag paver block design, 3d paver block design, etc Because they are man-made, concrete pavers are extremely adaptable and may be manufactured in almost any shape, texture, or colour.

 Even real stones can be imitated by them! This is really advantageous, especially if you want to create a seamless appearance and there is already a driveway or walkway. 

As they have a very smooth finish, they are safe to use in places where there are kids. Concrete pavers are the ideal choice for parks, schools, etc. The smooth finishing will prevent kids from stumbling and fall. 

The only serious care required for pavers is daily washing and routine garden hose washing. Between cracks, weeds can occasionally grow, but they are often simple to remove from the roots. Other than that, concrete pavers don’t need much upkeep and they are easy to maintain. 

Concrete pavers are skid-free and slip-resistant and have a rough surface. This will prevent them from cracking even if a minor earthquake occurs or during inter winters or summers. 


So, both natural stone pavers and concrete pavers have their own advantages. According to the theme and design of a space, a suitable paver can be selected and used in the required area of industrial or residential space. 

If you are likely to spend a lot of time on the lawns and you wanted to stay connected more to nature, natural stone pavers are the best as they will give you a feeling of being connected more to nature. 

If you would like to give a budget-friendly yet elegant paver, then concrete pavers are the best. So, there is no right or wrong when choosing between a concrete paver and a natural stone pavers. 

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