Best Rubber Moulds In Tanzania

Welcome to JR Industries; we offer the most effective rubber moulds in Tanzania. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have earned our field’s respect. We offer an extensive range of rubber moulds.

Our high-end moulds made of rubber are constructed using high-quality raw materials to ensure maximum stability in dimensionality and durability, making demolishing effortless. We offer our customers the highest quality rubber moulds.

Rubber moulds in Tanzania

They can be made using various forms and styles, including I-shape, zig-zag, Hexagon, Squares, T Series, etc.

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries is delighted to provide Tanzania with an innovative rubber moulding solution for outdoor use beyond normal landscapes. Our Rubber Moulds are carefully developed to beautify outdoor areas with enduring design. Moulds made specifically to stand up against the harsh environment of Tanzania are designed to withstand the challenges that Tanzania faces. Our heat-resistant moulds will make sure that your outdoor spaces appear the best. We have various styles, moulds and designs that aid in creating and enhancing driveways, pathways and patios.

Product Varieties

Dumbel Rubber Mould

Dumbel’s design interlocking system provides outstanding stability, which makes it the ideal choice for those who require endurance. Its stunning design and aesthetic are striking. The Dumbel paver’s design is an aesthetic appeal that draws the attention of anyone who places it in the outdoors.

Zig Zag Rubber Mould

Zigzag designs are great for various settings, such as pathways, driveways, courtyards, and backyards. Their versatility means they can be used as a centrepiece or decorative element within any space. They can also add flair to outdoor spaces because of their stunning geometric designs, creating an attractive and vibrant atmosphere.

I Shape Rubber Mould

The I-shaped design is easily incorporated into various locations, from commercial and residential driveways, to create an elegant outdoor space. Its I-shaped design is a way to bring back memories of sophistication and contemporary, perfect for creating stylish areas for outdoor entertaining.


The  rubber Mould is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, ensuring longevity.


The rubber moulds are constructed using top-quality materials that ensure durability and strength in harsh environments.

Heat Resistance

Our moulds’ distinctive structure ensures they will not lose their shape or colour despite the scorching sun.

Design Versatility

Our vast selection of designs allows you to create stunning patterns and layouts that match your landscaping layout.

Customer Testimonials


“ JR Rubber Industries’ Rubber Moulds in Dodoma are excellent. They are tough and fit perfectly in our factory, making our work smooth and successful.”

Factory Owner, Dodoma


“Being a factory owner in Mwanza, I love JR Rubber Industries’ Rubber Moulds. They are strong, easy to use, and help us make good things in our factory, making us successful.”

Fatma I.

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Why Choose JR Industries?

JR Company takes pride in being a reliable provider of rubber. Rubber mould in Tanzania, here’s reasons to choose JR Company:

Our rubber moulds are made from natural raw materials that guarantee long-term durability, high dimensional stability, and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is the world’s top manufacturer and supplier of Rubber, PVC and Plastic Paver Moulds  for production and distribution, providing machines, moulds and chemicals, as well as technology and in-plant training for total paver solutions.

Many styles can be made using paver moulds for adding beauty, and we can customize our designs to specific surfaces or areas according to our customer’s specifications. We have clients throughout India and 34 countries and have experience establishing more than 1500 paver factories within India and more than 68 paver production lines across the globe. We can provide the best solution for manufacturing pavers.

Support for the installation of Paver moulding machines and the provision of the chemicals and colour oxides for producing paver blocks moulds are available. If you plan to begin your own production company, our sales and support teams will help you succeed. They are there whenever you need help!

How To Order

To order our rubber moulds in Tanzania, you may visit our website,WhatsApp or click the Contact Us button below.


1. How can Rubber Moulds benefit my factory in Tanzania?

Rubber Moulds enhance production efficiency by creating precise and customized rubber components for various industrial applications.

2. Can JR Rubber Industries provide bulk orders of Rubber Moulds for my factory in Tanzania?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries can fulfil bulk orders, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality Rubber Moulds for your factory.

3. Can JR Rubber Industries train or support my factory workers in Tanzania to use Rubber Moulds effectively?

JR Rubber Industries may offer training resources or support to ensure your factory workers in Tanzania can effectively use Rubber Moulds.

4. Can factory owners request customized Rubber Moulds from JR Rubber Industries in Tanzania to meet specific manufacturing demands?

JR Rubber Industries accommodates customization requests, allowing factory owners in Tanzania to tailor Rubber Moulds according to their specific manufacturing needs.