Best Rubber Moulds In Nigeria

Welcome to JR Industries; we offer the best Rubber Moulds in Nigeria. With a focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, we’ve gained a prestigious position in our field. We offer a vast selection of Rubber moulds. Our Rubber moulds are constructed with high-end virgin raw material to ensure maximum stability in dimensionality and long-lasting, making demoulding easier. We offer our customers the high-quality Rubber moulds.

 They are created using various shapes and designs, including zig-zags, I-shapes, Hexagon, Squares, T Series, etc.

Product Overview

We at JR Rubber Industries are delighted to offer Nigeria an ingenious rubber mould paving solution for outdoor use beyond ordinary landscapes. Our Rubber Moulds Paver are meticulously created to enhance outdoor areas with lasting style.Moulds that are made to withstand the harsh climate of Nigeria are made to stand up to Nigeria’s challenges, and our heat-resistant moulds will ensure that your outdoor areas look the best. We offer a variety of styles and moulds to help create and enhance pathways, driveways, and patios.

Product Varieties

Rubber moulds are available in many styles, each having an individual purpose in constructing and creating beautiful outdoor areas. Below are details of various types of rubber molds. We can also make them custom and deliver them according to the requirements of our customers.


Zig Zag Rubber Mould

Zigzag designs are an excellent fit for different environments, from driveways to pathways to backyards and courtyards. Their versatility means that they can function as the focal point or as decorative elements in any space. They, add style to outdoor areas thanks to their striking geometric designs, and create a visually appealing and vibrant ambience.

I Shape Rubber Mould

The I-Shaped design can be easily integrated into various settings, from commercial and residential driveways to creating a stylish outdoor space. The I Shape design brings to mind feelings of contemporary and sophisticated ideal for creating chic outdoor living spaces.

Dumbel Rubber Mould

Dumbel’s interlocking structure provides excellent stability, making it the best solution for areas requiring durability. Its striking design and appearance are impressive. Dumbel paver mould design has aa visual appeal that attracts attention whenever it is placed outdoors.

Features of JR Industries’ Rubber Moulds

High - Quality

In tile manufacturing, the use of high-quality rubber is essential for various processes. JR Rubber Industries uses advanced tools and techniques to ensure accurate mould dimensions, intricate details, and exact replication of patterns.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is an important aspect of tile production. It involves using advanced technology and machinery to achieve accurate and consistent cutting, shaping, and finishing. The precision in manufacturing improves the quality of the final product, which is uniform and pleasing to the eye.

Versatility In Applications

Tiles can be used for a variety of purposes, from flooring in residential areas to industrial and commercial settings. In the tile industry, it is important to be able to create tiles that are versatile and can adapt to different environments. It is important to create tiles in different sizes, shapes, and properties that can be used for different applications.

Durability And Longevity

High-quality tiles must have durability and longevity. Materials and manufacturing processes must be chosen to ensure the tiles are able to withstand daily use and wear, as well as maintain structural integrity for a long period. The durability of the tiles is a key factor in their long-term appeal and functionality.

Why Choose JR Industries?

JR Company is a reputable supplier of rubber moulds in Nigeria. The reasons to choose JR Company:

All of our Rubber moulds are constructed using virgin raw materials, which ensure high dimensional stability and long-term longevity and reliability.JR Rubber Industries is the world’s top manufacturer and distributor of rubber, plastic, and PVC paver moulds to produce pavers, providing moulds, machinery, chemicals, technologies and in-plant training for all paver solutions.

Paver block moulds offer beauty to any surface or area and we can tailor our designs according to customer requests. With customers across India and 34 other countries worldwide and experience in establishing over 1500 paver units in India alone and 68 production lines globally – including installation support of Paver mould machines used in paver block production, chemical supplies, color oxides, etc, used for paver manufacturing processes are provided. Chemicals/color oxides needed in paver block manufacturing are readily available if you are starting your own production firm! We are available for any assistance with starting up new production firms! Our sales/support teams will ensure success; they are always available whenever needed to help!

Our Services

  • Design, engineering, supply, and installation of machines
  • supply of chemicals and color oxides
  • Paver production assistance anywhere in the world
  • In-plant training for client personal
  • Onsite machinery fabrication and Installation anywhere 
  • Design and develop customized molds

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 How To Order

To order our rubber mould in Nigeria, you may visit our website, WhatsApp for a quick reply or click the Contact Us button below.


1. What makes JR Rubber Industries different from others in Nigeria?

 JR Rubber Industries is well-known in Nigeria for making durable and reliable rubber molds with creative designs.


2. Can JR Rubber Industries help me choose the suitable mould in Nigeria?

Yes, the experienced team at JR Rubber Industries can guide you in choosing the best rubber mould for your needs in Nigeria.

3. Can I order customized rubber moulds in Nigeria to meet specific project requirements?

Yes, suppliers like JR Rubber Industries offer customization services for rubber moulds in Nigeria to cater to unique project needs.

4. What support does JR Rubber Industries offer to customers using their rubber moulds in Nigeria?

JR Rubber Industries provides customer support and technical guidance to ensure customers in Nigeria can effectively use and maintain their rubber moulds.


5. What types of rubber materials are commonly used in manufacturing Rubber Moulds in Nigeria?

Rubber Moulds in Nigeria are typically made from materials like silicone rubber, natural rubber, or synthetic rubber compounds.