Best PVC Paver Mould in UAE

JR Rubber Industries, the market leader in PVC mould manufacturing, offers the highest quality PVC Paver Moulds in UAE customers. As a market leader, our emphasis is always on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, which has put us in an esteemed position within our industry. You can choose from our wide range of PVC Paver moulds in UAE. We provide the complete solution for paver production with machinery, moulds, chemicals technology and in-plant training.

PVC Paver Mould in UAE

Our premium PVC moulds are created from high-quality virgin raw material for maximum dimensional stability and longevity, making demolding easy. We provide our customers with the best quality PVC paver moulds. They are made with different shapes and designs, such as zig-zag, I-shape, Hexagon, Squares, T Series, etc.

 Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering their PVC Paver Moulds as a transformative solution that goes beyond the ordinary for outdoor landscapes in the UAE. Our PVC Paver Moulds are meticulously crafted to elevate outdoor landscapes in the UAE with enduring elegance.

Moulds are designed to withstand the harsh UAE climate and are designed for heat resistance. Available with different designs and patterns, our molds allow for creative expression while turning pathways, driveways, and patios into works of art.

 Types of  PVC Paver Block Moulds

PVC paver moulds come in various types, each serving a specific function in creating and beautifying outdoor spaces. Below is a breakdown of some of our Plastic Paver Moulds; we can customize and provide them according to customer needs.

Zig Zag PVC Paver Mould

Zigzag pvc paver mould designs make an eye-catching statement in any setting – from driveways and pathways to courtyards and backyards. Their adaptable nature means they can serve as focal points or accent pieces in any environment, adding flair with their bold geometric patterns that provide a dynamic ambience in outdoor areas.

I Shape PVC Paver Mould

I-shaped pvc paver mould designs can easily be integrated into various environments, from driveways and commercial structures to elegant outdoor living areas. Their I Shape design conveys sophistication and modernity – ideal for creating stylish outdoor living areas.

Dumbel PVC Paver Mould

Dumbel PVC mould design’s interlocking construction provides excellent stability, making it the ideal solution for high-traffic areas that demand durability. Boasting its striking appearance, Dumbel’s paver block design adds aesthetic beauty and is sure to turn heads wherever used outdoors.

 Key Features


Our PVC Paver Moulds are crafted using premium materials, ensuring strength and longevity in the harsh UAE environment.


Our PVC Paver Mold is engineered to withstand the UAE’s extreme temperatures and weather conditions, ensuring durability.

Heat Resistance

The unique composition of our moulds ensures they retain their shape and colour even under the scorching Emirati sun.

Design Versatility

Our wide range of designs allows you to create captivating patterns and layouts that complement your landscape design.


 Customer Testimonials

PVC Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries played a significant role in streamlining our operations in Umm Al-Quwain. Easy to use and delivering quality results, they positively impacted the efficiency of our projects.

Omar K , Umm Al-Quwain Construction Operations Director

In Ras Al Khaimah’s harsh weather, the PVC Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries held up well. They’re durable and versatile, making our construction processes simpler—a reliable choice for construction projects.

Rashid H, Ras Al Khaimah Construction Site Manager

Being a Civil Engineer, I need reliable materials. The PVC Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries we used in Sharjah were delivered on time, and this helped us meet our deadlines. I highly recommend JR Rubber Industries!

Jennifer Sharjah, Civil Engineer

Why Choose JR Industries?

JR Company takes pride in being a trusted provider of PVC Paver Mould solutions in the UAE. Here’s why you should choose us:

PVC paver moulds are made with virgin raw materials to ensure high dimensional stability, durability, and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is the world’s leading producer and seller of Rubber Paver Block Moulds, Plastic, and PVC Paver Block moulds for paver production, offering machinery, moulds, chemicals, and technology along with in-plant training for complete paver solutions.

You will find various designs of paver moulds to add beauty, and we can tailor our designs according to specific areas or surfaces as per customer request. With clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide, and experience in establishing over 1500 paver units within India alone and another 68 paver production lines worldwide. We have the perfect solution for your paver production.

Installation support of Paver mould machines and the supply of chemicals and colour oxides used for paver block manufacturing are provided. If you plan to start your production firm, our sales and support teams can ensure success – they are available whenever needed to assist!

  How To Order

To order our PVC Paver Moulds in UAE, visit our website or click the Contact Us button below.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Are PVC Paver Moulds suitable for the UAE's extreme climate conditions?

PVC Paver Moulds are an excellent choice for the UAE’s climate. They are designed to be heat-resistant and durable, making them well-suited to withstand the region’s high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

2) What design options are available for PVC Paver Moulds in the UAE?

PVC Paver Moulds come in a wide range of designs, allowing for creative customization. You can choose from various patterns and styles to create a unique look for your outdoor spaces.

3) Can PVC Paver Moulds be used for residential and commercial projects in the UAE?

Yes, PVC Paver Moulds are versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial projects. They are suitable for pathways, driveways, patios, and a variety of other outdoor applications.