Best Precast Boundary Wall In Indonesia

JR Rubber Industries Precast boundary walls in Indonesia provide a unique solution to boundary division issues. Created to make boundary setting easier, Modern walls offer an affordable and quick alternative to the more traditional methods of creating boundaries.

Precast technology allows off-site fabrication of wall boundaries in advance, saving time over traditional installation methods.

We provide an efficient and custom-designed precast boundary wall that is created to be up-to-date in both quality and time. 

Precast boundary wall in Indonesia

Their time-saving, quality and environmental advantages counter traditional building techniques while providing robust and attractive wall designs that are suitable for a variety of types of projects.

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great pleasure in offering an elegant and attractive selection of Readymade Compound Walls for various settings – residential homes, businesses, or industrial properties.

Rubber mould-made precast boundary walls boast unsurpassed finishing quality with their glossy surface and Vibro-formed concrete mix, giving the products superior strength. Additional reinforcements or glass fiber can be added as admixtures to strengthen panels.

Product Varieties

Some of our Precast Boundary wall varieties are:

PP 200 HI Walls, DS 101 Tide wave design,WP 801 7FT Royal Flor, etc


The PP 200 HI Walls model is among the most well-known wall designs to safeguard commercial and residential homes. The brick-shaped design makes the PP 200 HI Wall design more eye-catching than other wall designs.

DS 101 Tide Wave Design

JR Precast boundary Wall features an attractive DS 101 Tide Wave design as a striking and unique aspect in their compound wall precast. The spiral-shaped precast compound wall provides our house or plot with an entirely distinctive appearance. It is made from cement moulding rubber; the moulds create this spiral-shaped wall. Its design is not just beautiful, but it’s durable and long-lasting.

WP 801 7FT Royal Flora

Royal Flora by JR Rubber Industries offers an elegant and durable boundary wall solution to add beauty and value to any property. Crafted with precision manufacturing for top-quality results. Royal Flora makes an eye-catching focal point in any setting! With timeless appeal. Choose Royal Flora today, as it adds timeless character.

Customer Testimonials


” Our house in Bandung looks better with Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries. They’re  easy to put up. Our home looks good.”

Agung P.



” JR Rubber Industries’ Precast Boundary Walls in Medan are tough. They make our house look good, and we don’t worry about safety. We are pleased with our decision”

Dewi M.


Why choose JR Rubber Industries?

Precast compound walls can reduce time and cost since installation is significantly quicker. Their labour costs are also reduced, and installation can be automated faster. Precast fences have many distinct advantages for the users. These are as follows:

  • Design bespoke with aesthetic appeal.
  • Three times stronger than the traditional method. Three times more durable than the conventional.
  • Strength – Made with M30 concrete and AR fiberglass.
  • Finish – Unmatched Finishing using molds made of rubber. Better finishing than handwork.
  • Dimension stability – when it is cast using moulds.
  • Consistent quality
  • Time-saving installation
  • Less space consuming
  • Lower maintenance
  • The versatility of applications
  • Weather, termite, fire resistant

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 How To Order

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1. Where can I find reliable suppliers of Precast Boundary Walls in Indonesia, and does JR Rubber Industries offer them?

JR Rubber Industries is a trusted supplier of Precast Boundary Walls in Indonesia, providing reliable and high-quality solutions for construction projects.

2. Can Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries be customized to suit specific design requirements in Indonesia?

Yes, JR Rubber Industries offers customization options for Precast Boundary Walls, allowing them to be tailored to the unique design needs of projects in Indonesia.

3. How can Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries contribute to the efficiency of construction projects in Indonesia?

Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries contribute to project efficiency through faster installation, consistent quality, and cost-effectiveness in Indonesia.

4. In which industries or types of projects have Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries been successfully used in Indonesia?

Precast Boundary Walls from JR Rubber Industries have been successfully used in various industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Indonesia.