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In Ethiopia, the construction industry is a major contributor to urban development. Paver block moulds are used to create outdoor spaces, pathways and driveways. Paver moulds in Ethiopia offer various design options that enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The moulds are essential for producing visually appealing and durable paving blocks that withstand the local climate. 

Paver Moulds in Ethiopia

These moulds are available in Rubber PVC Plastic with various types and designs, including Zig-zags, I shapes, Dumbbells, Cosmos Elegance 3D Series, etc.

Product Overview

JR Rubber Industries takes great satisfaction in providing Paver Mould solutions that are appropriate for outdoor landscapes in Nigeria. Our Paver Moulds are made to improve outdoor landscapes in Nigeria with timeless beauty.

Paver Block Molds that can be used in Nigerian climate are designed to resist heat. We offer a variety of styles, designs and moulds to help make pathways and transform them into driveways, and patios.

Rubber Paver Mould

The rubber paver mould is used to make interlocking cement or concrete pavers. Made of rubber, the moulds are adorned with intricate patterns and textures designed to create designs specific to paver designs. we even provide combination molds! Some features of our rubber moulds include:

Flexibility, Texture Replication, Custom Designed Molds and Easy Demolding all contribute to consistent product results.

PVC Paver Mould

PVC paver moulds are utilized to create cement pavers that are interlocking or concrete. Made from PVC material, the moulds have many advantages when designing different patterns or designs for pavers with different features like interlocking edges. The most important features are:

Simple demolding, polished pavers, first-class moulds with lengthy lifespans. Smooth and finely finished pavers.

Plastic Paver Mould

Plastic paver moulds can be used to mould concrete or similar materials into pavers. They come in different dimensions and shapes that allow the creation of unique pavers. The key features of these moulds include Durability, Ease of use, affordability, lightweight, and weather resistance.

Features of Our Paver Molds


The precise design in our moulds for paver blocks assures that each paver block you design is of the same dimensions and shapes, giving your paver bricks an elegant and polished appearance.


The paver block molds are constructed from high-quality raw materials, which ensures long-term durability and strength even in the most challenging weather conditions. They are built to withstand the rigours of constant use.

Easy of Use

Our moulds have been made to be used by the user. They’re simple to use, allowing professionals and DIYers to make perfect paver blocks with minimal effort.

Design Versatility

Our variety of designs lets you create stunning patterns and layouts that match your landscaping layout.


Customer Testimonials

” We are delighted to do business in conjunction with JR Rubber Industries. I receive every single raw material I need for the paver industry directly from JR Industries. From paver moulds to paver block machines, they offer everything under one roof. “

Haadi Choopan

” A highly cooperative and supportive team that is hugely cooperative and supportive. The products made by JR Rubber Industries are of the highest quality. “

Giovanni Soggiu

” A vast selection from paver moulds made from various designs and materials. JR Rubber Industries provide a single solution to all paver manufacturing requirements. “

Jessi Carmeo


Why Choose JR Industries 

JR Company is a trusted supplier of Paver Mould solutions in Ethiopia. This is why you should select JR Company:

All of our Paver moulds are constructed using pure raw materials, which ensure long-lasting quality and stability of the dimensional structure over time, longevity, and long-term dependability. JR Rubber Industries is the world’s top manufacturer and distributor of Rubber paver mould, Plastic and PVC Paver moulds designed for paver production. We offer moulds, machinery chemical and technological solutions and in-plant training for all paver solutions.

Various styles can be made using paver moulds to enhance the beauty of your home. We can tailor our designs to specific surfaces or areas according to the customer’s specifications, with customers across India and 34 countries with experience in establishing more than 1500 paver factories within India and 68 production lines for paver in the world. We have the ideal solution for the production of pavers.

Support for the installation of paver block mould machines is offered, as well as the chemical and colour oxides for paver block production. If you plan to launch your production company with us, our support and sales teams can help you succeed. They are there whenever they are needed to help!

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How To Order

To order our Quality Paver Moulds in Ethiopia, visit our our website,whatsApp us or click the contact us button below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What makes Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries suitable for construction in Ethiopia?

JR Rubber Industries’ Paver Moulds in Ethiopia are strong, easy to use, and perfect for building pavements, driveways, and walkways.


2. Can I get special Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries in Ethiopia for my project?

 JR Rubber Industries customises Paver Moulds in Ethiopia, so they fit your unique construction needs.

3. Which industries are Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries commonly used in Ethiopia?

Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries is widely used in Ethiopia’s construction industry to create various landscaping elements.

4. How do I choose the right size of Paver Moulds from JR Rubber Industries for my project in Ethiopia?

Consider the size of your project, and consult with JR Rubber Industries to choose the right size of Paver Moulds for Ethiopia.

5. Are there classes or training programs in Ethiopia for learning about Paver Mould production with JR Rubber Industries?

JR Rubber Industries may offer training programs or resources in Ethiopia to learn about making and using Paver Moulds.