Elevate Your Projects With Our Exceptional Kerb Stone Moulds In Somalia!

Kerb stone moulds in Somalia are widely used in different construction projects to shape and create attractive kerb stone. They are key elements that add beauty and utility to Somalia’s walkways, roads, and other infrastructure elements. They are a significant factor in construction projects’ overall design and aesthetic impact.

A variety of Kerb stones used in JR Rubber Industries are C16 Kerb Stones, C6 Kerb Stones, C17 Kerb Stones, C11 Kerb Stones, C7 Kerb Stones etc.

Product Overview

Kerb stones are usually made up of granite, limestone, and concrete. They provide more strength and long-lasting protection for pavements and the surrounding soil. They prevent soil erosion and protect the pavement from destruction caused by different weather conditions. They also aid in redirecting the water flow and channelizing it toward drainage systems. This decreases the likelihood of flooding as well as waterlogging. Furthermore, Kerb stones are also employed to make a stunning border along the pathway look more attractive.

JR Rubber Industries is a famous manufacturer of kerb stones moulds that come with a variety of kerb stone to satisfy your requirements.

Product Varieties

C 2 Curb Stone

C2 Curb Stone is extensively used in construction projects to identify the boundaries of streets, roads, and sidewalks. Made from C2 Curb Stone, these barriers stop pedestrians from crossing over. They are usually made from concrete or stones based on the local guidelines and specifications for urban development projects to ensure safe zones and well-organized areas. A professional must be obtained before the proper installation of C2 Kerb Stones.

C 4 B Curb Stone

C4 Curb Stone” is used in construction to mark the boundaries of sidewalks, roads, and streets per local standards and requirements. The exact dimensions and design depend on the area. Most commonly, they are constructed from materials such as concrete or stone; C4 Curb Stone is a key element in ensuring traffic separation and pedestrian security. Ensure you speak with a professional before installing it yourself to provide the most effective outcomes.

C7 Curb Stone

C7 Curb Stones can be extensively used in construction projects to mark the boundaries of roads, streets, and sidewalks. They are made of C7 curb Stone. These barriers, usually made of concrete or stones, stop pedestrians from entering pedestrian zones based on the local guidelines and specifications that govern urban projects that ensure safety and well-organized areas. An expert must be sought before the correct construction of C7 Kerb Stones.

 Customer Testimonials


“JR Rubber Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds in Bossaso was exactly what we needed for our road project. They are durable and easy to work with, and the finished result looks fantastic. Highly recommended!”

 Zahra I



“JR Rubber Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds in Qoryooley are top-quality. They made the installation process smooth, and the curbs they helped create look neat and well-organized. Very happy with our choice!”

Naima A.



“JR Rubber Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds was the right fit for our project in Jowhar. Easy to handle, they made our outdoor spaces more appealing. Happy with our purchase!”

 Yusuf K.


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Why Choose JR Rubber Industries?

JR Company is a reliable supplier of Kerb Stone Solutions in Somalia.

Our plastic paver moulds are constructed using pure raw materials to guarantee the highest degree of dimensional stability, durability and long-term dependability. JR Rubber Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of plastic, rubber, as well as PVC paver moulds to make production providing machines, moulds chemical, technology, as well as in-plant training for total solution for paver production.You can find a variety of paver molds that enhance the beauty of your home. We can also customize our designs to specific surfaces or areas according to our customers’ specifications, with customers across India and 34 additional countries with experience establishing more than 1500 paver units in India and more than 68 production lines across the globe. We can provide the best solution for manufacturing pavers.

Installation support for Paver molding machines and the provision of the chemicals and color oxides for producing paver blocks are available. If you plan to begin your production company with us, our support and sales teams will ensure your success. They are there whenever you need to help!Choosing a design that matches the overall appearance and feel of the surrounding area is essential. The curb stones also have to fulfill their primary function in defining space, stopping the flow of traffic from entering pedestrian areas, and effectively regulating stormwater runoff.

The choice of materials, such as concrete, granite, and natural stones, can significantly impact its durability and maintenance requirements. In addition, height and size factors should be considered because they affect accessibility and safety.I have clients throughout India and 34 additional countries, as well as experience in setting up over 1500 paver production units in India alone and 68 paver production lines across the globe. We have the ideal solution for the production of pavers.Support for the installation of Paver molding machines and the chemical and color oxides used in the production of paver blocks are available. If you plan to launch your own production company, the support and sales teams will ensure your venture is successful – they are ready to help!

How To Order

To order our Kerb stone mould in Somalia, you may visit our website or whatsapp  click the contact us button below.


1. Can Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries withstand the environmental challenges of Somalia's construction sites and industrial areas?

 Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries is designed to endure tough environmental conditions in Somalia, providing resilience in construction sites and industrial areas.

2. How do Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries benefit construction projects in Somalia compared to traditional methods?

Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries offers advantages like quicker installation and consistent quality, making them a preferred choice for efficient construction projects in Somalia.

3. Can Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries be used to create beautiful designs in gardens and pathways in Somalia?

Yes, Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries can create intricate designs suitable for various landscaping projects in Somalia.

4. Can I get customized Kerb Stone Moulds from JR Rubber Industries in Somalia for my project?

 Yes, JR Rubber Industries offers customized Kerb Stone Moulds in Somalia, tailored to suit the unique needs of your project.