High-Quality Kerb Stone Moulds In Ethiopia

Kerb stone moulds are essential in many construction projects. They play an important role in creating outdoor structures such as roads and sidewalks. These moulds were designed to form concrete and other materials in specific shapes for kerb stones, an essential component of urban infrastructure.

Kerb stone moulds in Ethiopia refer to moulds that adopt modern and standardised methods in the construction industry. Moulds ensure that the kerbstones manufactured are uniform in size, quality, and shape. This is important for creating a consistent appearance and aesthetic appeal in urban and infrastructure projects.

Kerb Stone Moulds in Ethiopia

There are a variety of Kerb stones used in JR Rubber Industries C11  Kerb Stones, C17 Kerb Stones, C16 Kerb Stones, C6 Kerb Stones, C7 Kerb Stones, and more.

Product Overview

The Kerb stones typically consist of granite, limestone and concrete. They are stronger than concrete and offer long-lasting protection to pavements and the surrounding soil. They can stop soil erosion and protect the pavement from destruction caused by different weather conditions.

They also aid in controlling the water’s flow and channelizing it to drainage systems. This helps to reduce the risk of flooding as well as waterlogging. Furthermore, Kerb stones are also employed to make a stunning border along the pathway look more attractive.

JR Rubber Industries is a famous manufacturer of kerb stone moulds, which include a variety of kerb stones to satisfy your requirements.

Product Varieties

C11 Curb Stone

C11 Curb Stone is used in construction to mark the boundaries of sidewalks, roads and streets per local specifications and standards. Their precise dimensions and styles depend on the area. Most commonly, they are constructed from materials such as concrete or stone; C11 Curb Stone can play a significant role in providing traffic separation and pedestrian safety. Ensure that you speak with a professional before installing one yourself to get the most effective outcomes.

C17 Curb Stone

C17 Curb Stone is a distinctive stone employed to design landscapes and for construction work, especially on streets, roads and sidewalks, to create neat lines and keep vehicles from stepping in pedestrian zones.The dimensions and appearance of this kerbstone comply with the local regulations and specifications for your project. Professional assistance is required to ensure the correct installation.

C16 Curb Stone

C16 Curb Stone is a kerb stone constructed of paver rubber mould for landscaping and construction projects. Kerb stones mark boundaries along roads, streets and walkways to prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian zones and mark where cars must stop entering pedestrian zones. Kerb stones come in various materials like concrete or stone as well as sizes and designs that meet project-specific needs – they should always comply with local regulations when used appropriately, so it is recommended to consult local authorities or specialists regarding how best to utilize a C16 curb stone when appropriately used for any given project.

C6 Curb Stone

C6 curb stone  is the name of a small kerbstone used for construction. It is designed to line roads, sidewalks, and streets to prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian zones. It is constructed of concrete or stone. The exact size and shape can be changed depending on the local laws and the requirements that the construction project will meet. Expert consultation ensures proper use.

 Features of  Kerb stone Moulds

Our kerb stone moulds offer essential features that ensure specific and consistent dimensions. The moulds are made of high-quality materials that will be used continuously in all weather. The moulds are designed to be simple to take off, thus reducing the risk of introducing defects into the final product.

The kerb stone moulds we offer can be adapted to various concrete mixes, pouring techniques, and other elements. Their innovative design encourages concrete compaction and a smoother manufacturing process.

Our kerbstone moulds allow users to create unique designs that suit their project needs. These attributes make our kerb stone moulds an indispensable tool in the construction industry to produce high-quality kerb stones which are long-lasting and visually appealing.

Customer Testimonials


“JR Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds were perfect for my construction project in Mek’ele. They were strong, and I could use them easily.Great choice for anyone in Ethiopia!”




 “Using JR Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds was an excellent choice. They were perfect, and my project in Shashamane turned out great. Thank you, JR Industries!”




“I highly recommend JR Industries’ Kerb Stone Moulds. They are strong, efficient, and contributed a lot to the success of my project in Robe. Thank you!”



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Why Choose JR Industries ?

JR Company takes great pride in being one of Ethiopia’s go-to suppliers for Kerb Stone Moulds.

All our plastic paver moulds are manufactured with virgin raw materials to ensure high dimensional stability, durability and long-term reliability. JR Rubber Industries is one of the world’s premier producers and sellers of rubber paver mould , plastic, and PVC paver moulds for production, providing machinery, moulds, chemicals, and technology training services as part of a complete paver solution package.

Paver moulds offer beauty to any area or surface. Our designs can be tailored specifically for customer requests based on design styles available to us with clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide, and with over 1500 paver units produced within India alone and another 68 production lines globally, we have the ideal solution for paver production!

Installation support of Paver mould machines and the supply of chemicals and colour oxides used in paver block production is also offered, along with assistance from our sales and support teams when starting up production firms – they’re here when needed, prepared to assist!

As part of their primary purpose in defining space, kerb stones must also prevent traffic from invading pedestrian areas while efficiently managing stormwater runoff. Selecting designs that complement their environment’s overall appearance and feel is vitally important. Additionally, choosing designs that add interest will only enhance their effectiveness as an architectural feature in regulating stormwater runoff.

Material selection, such as granite, concrete or natural stone, will have an enormous effect on its long-term durability and maintenance costs. Furthermore, size and height considerations must be given due to how these could impact safety and accessibility.

With clients across India and 34 other countries worldwide and over 1500 paver units established within India alone (not to mention another 68 production lines worldwide), we offer the ideal solution for your paver production.

Installation support of Paver mould machines and supply of chemicals and colour oxides used for paver block production is provided as well. If you plan to start your production firm, our sales and support teams are there whenever needed to assist – they are always on call and available whenever needed!

  How To Order

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1. Are JR Kerb Stone Moulds suitable for extreme weather conditions, including the hot climate in Ethiopia?

Yes, JR Kerb Stone Moulds  are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat, making them suitable for the Ethiopian climate.

2. What sets JR Kerb Stone Moulds apart from other suppliers of Kerb Stone Moulds in Ethiopia?

JR Rubber Industries is known for its expertise in Kerb Stone Moulds  manufacturing, providing a combination of quality, precision, and customization options that distinguish them from other suppliers.

3. Can JR Kerb Stone Moulds be customized for specific project requirements in Ethiopia?

Yes, JR Kerb Stone Moulds  can be customized to create unique kerbstone designs, meeting the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of construction projects in Ethiopia.

4. What types of Kerb Stone Moulds are available from JR Rubber Industries for Ethiopian projects?

JR Rubber Industries offers a range of Kerb Stone Moulds, including straight kerbs, radius kerbs, and other specialized designs to cater to the diverse needs of construction projects in Ethiopia.

5. Does JR Kerb Stone Moulds adhere to international quality standards for their products in Ethiopia?

JR Rubber Industries is committed to maintaining high-quality standards, and their products often adhere to international quality and safety regulations, providing assurance to users in Ethiopia.