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Cabro Mould

            Why JR Cabro Moulds are best?

We manufacture all 3 kinds of Cabro moulds – Rubber moulds , PVC moulds, Plastic moulds .
Rubber moulds are strong,flexible moulds with long service life.Rubber moulds have the unique property to transfer the finest impressions in the concrete.Latge moulds for kerbs stones,plain slab moulds,wall tile moulds are available in Rubber.

PVC over moulds are strong,flexible moulds made of first quality raw materials. A wide range of cabro moulds to choose from.

Polypropylene plastic moulds are durable,rigid and strong intended for long service life , unlike the temporary plastic moulds available in market.

Our Representatives

We have representative in Nairobi,for discussions on Cabro moulds,Technical advice to set up Cabro plants,production assistance,raw material sourcing and all kinds of assistance for cabro making.

We have major clients in Nairobi,Mombasa,Eldoret,Nyeri,Nanyuki. 

Our Engineering Team

We have engineering team based in Nairobi,for fabrication and installation of machinery like Vibro Forming tables for cabros,Concrete mixer machines etc.


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Cabro Mould Designs
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