Best PVC Moulds Manufacturers

JR rubber industries are one of the dedicated pvc moulds manufacturers in the country. Our skilled professionals are passionate about providing top-quality pvc paver moulds manufactured using the latest technology equipment. To ensure a long life span and high stability, our paver block moulds are manufactured utilising virgin raw materials. 

Our company manufactures pvc moulds on a huge scale basis to meet the customer’s needs. Our perfect paver block mould design will match all the demands of the customers with premium quality at a reasonable price. These pvc paver moulds are used to make paver block moulds, chequered tiles, designed tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, grass pavers, and so on. Here is, everything you need to know about paver blocks.

We have never sacrificed the quality of our goods and have always used high-quality materials and designs over the past 29 years. We utilise our pvc paver moulds in several countries around the world, and they have a lifespan of more than 10 years.

Benefits Of Using PVC Paver Moulds

JR rubber industries work with soft PVC moulds, which are the highest quality PVC moulds available. The following benefits are associated with the use of PVC moulds:-

  • PVC paver moulds are more flexible 
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance at all. 
  • We will get almost 30% return value on this product. 
  • High durability.
  • Both indoor and outdoor use is possible for it.
  • Lower cost.
  • Less pollution.
  • No carbon leakages to paver block from moulds. 
  • Lightweight. 

Rubber Mould

PVC Mould

Plastic Mould

Compound Wall 



Various Models of PVC Paver Moulds

pvc paver moulds

Zig Zag

pvc mould for paver block


paver block mould design




paver block moulds

Natural Stone

Pvc paver moulds

Combination Pavers

Square and Rectangles

pvc moulds manufacturers

T Series

L Shape

paver block moulds

3D Series

Paver blocks made of pvc moulds are used to create stunning landscaping, commercial purposes and many more. These products help PVC moulds manufacturers to improve their business growth and profit. While creating pvc mould for paver block for a certain area, several factors need to be taken into consideration such as size, type, shape and other specifications. Because there are a lot of companies manufacturing pvc paver moulds in the market with a variety of shapes and thicknesses. So customers will easily get confused. But don’t worry we are here to help our valuable customers. At JR rubber industries, we manufacture high-quality pvc paver moulds for various industrial and commercial uses. We provide 100% assistance for our customers.

Apart from pvc mould manufacturing, our products are Rubber mould paver, plastic paver moulds, machinery, chemicals, and compound wall mould. Supply and installation of machines, supply of chemicals and color oxides for paver blocks, paver production assistance across the world, In-plant training for client personnel, and onsite machinery fabrication and installation anywhere in East Africa are the major services of JR RUBBER INDUSTRIES. For more information about our goods and services, don’t be hesitant to get in touch with us.

FAQs On PVC Moulds

Q. What are the most important advantages of pvc paver moulds?

High flexibility and lower cost.

Q. What should we consider when we choose a pvc moulds manufacturer?

Experience with the company, the type of moulds that they manufacture, manpower of the company and the delivery speed.

Q. How to clean the pvc paver moulds?

Clean the mould with water and soft brushes, never use sharp objects to clean, you can use mild acid if there is cement to clean only once in 3 months. 

Q. List out some don’ts.

Never hit your mould with any object while de-moulding, Don’t expose it to sunlight when the mould is not in use because its shape will change, and never use sharp objects to clean.