JR Rubber Industries an ISO 9001-2015 Company is a leading manufacturer and Exporter of finest quality Rubber Moulds for Designer Tiles & Paver Blocks. We manufacture Rubber moulds for designer tiles, wall tiles and paving blocks and other non-standard and customized size tiles as per customer requirements.

The Paver Production employing the Vibroforming table and the Rubber moulds is introduced into market by recent years which conquer the market of interlock paving blocks and tiles. The current market itself typify the demand of paver blocks produced this technology is far impressive than the paver blocks produced by conventional methods.

The rubber mould paver block production turn into the prominent practice for the tile and paving block production industries all over the world. The paving block/tile industries had experienced higher inflation in demand on launch of this method. The key theory of vibration of the rubber moulds with the fill up ingredients with a high frequency and low intensity makes the brick impeccable about the fortitude, durability, and its refinement. Paving blocks vibroformed in rubber moulds tends to be wet casted and results in the finest quality production of tiles and blocks turn to be the latest trend in paver production.

The paving blocks and tiles was trailing previous pace due to the frailty in its product perfection and presentation. Production with this method assures the beauty and the ambiance of the total arena at its best, which root the demand of the same at its peak. This makes a soaring customer preference for this product. Steadily this mechanism and the products are introduced and expanded worldwide, which show up to an era on the production of paving blocks and tiles.

We were exceptional suppliers of rubber products for years with diverse product assemblage. Now recognizing the upsurge and evolution of the rubber moulds used for the production of paving blocks/tiles we have concentrated on the production, marketing and export of this product and its full set accessories, which supports a buildup of a consolidate paving block/ tiles production unit anywhere in the world.

We are a pioneer organization engaged in the manufacture of high-quality Rubber moulds since 1989. So far we have supplied our products to about more than 1500 companies all over India. Now we have concentrated on developing our business outside India. We developed our exports more than 25 countries and hold substantial trade to countries in Africa, GCC, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.

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